Fibocom Wireless Inc. 

Fibocom Wireless Inc. 

Founded in 1999, Fibocom is the first wireless communication module and Internet of Things(IoT) solution provider listed in China(Stock Code : 300638). Headquartered in Shenzhen, with R&D center in both Shenzhen and Xi'an, Fibocom is globally located in North America, Europe, India, Taiwan, and HongKong, serving customers over 100+ countries.

Fibocom main product lines include 5G, LTE, SoC,NB-IoT/eMTC, HSPA+, and GSM/GPRS wireless modules, enpowering customers from industries of consumer electronics, wireless payment, metering, security surveillance, and connected cars, etc. With Perfect Wireless Connection as our DNA, Fibocom is envisioned to improve smart life and make the all-connected world within reach.




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  • FIBOCOM Wireless EU established.
  • FIBOCOM listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • FIBOCOM global module achieved approval of 20+ carrier certifications and industry certifications for 100+ countries.ESIM module commercially launched.
  • FIBOCOM Wireless USA established.
  • FIBOCOM won the first batch of Intel Capital Investment under Smart Device Innovation Fund.FIBOCOM LTE module series launched.
  • FIBOCOM GSM G5 module series launched.
  • FIBOCOM 3G H3 module series launched.
  • FIBOCOM was acknowledged as Council Member by Chinese GPS Application Association and a Vice-Chairman Unit by Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce.
  • FIBOCOM GSM G6 module series launched.FIBOCOM was awarded“National High-Tech Enterprise”.
  • FIBOCOM established M2M technology service center with Motorola in APAC
  • Fibocom was founded.

Brand Story

Brand Story
Distinguished Reader:
Distinguished Reader:

With the fast development in mobile communication,NB-IOT technology in LPWA is commercialized and eMTC is also spreading in the market quickly. From LPWA to LTE-A,the LTE network provided the overall connection from low speed to high speed.In December 2017,5G NR standard is frozen,which means we are stepping into 5G era,the global operators speed up the network infrastructure upgrading and construction from narrow band to wide band.From commercialization in cloud computing and storage,the quick evolution in smart device and professionalization in vertical platform,the IoT industry started its big era of voyage.

The big data business mode will be developed on the base of connection.The mobile communication technology as the best wireless connection will dominate and take place of all local connection with cable or without.In the big era from connected things to smart things,Fibocom naturally bears the commission of providing perfect wireless experience to our customers,and continues the R&D investment and launched the first NBIOT product with TCP technology in the global market.Fibocom luanched the first 2G product with e-SIM in global market,the thinnest LTE Cat1 module, the Cat9 module with multiple LTE mode and the smart module with capability of edge computing. All these products not only meet the world top customers' strict quality standard but also passed the tire 1 carrier certification test and global live network test.Fibocom also set up the global technical service and support team.In 2017 Fibocom established FIA,the Fibocom International Alliance,with the concept of The One to help customers to build up the partnership with global operators and help customers' further evolution for globalization.

The high quality service is the most important reason we won the trust from customers. We have built powerful technical support service,and integrated SDK of the leading cloud platforms. Not only the integration of the leading AI software,the mainstream OS ,and the adaption to X86 and ARM based CPU ,also the understanding of various demand in software and hardware from different industries,providing the entire solution with the carrier resource combination and the quick technical response helps customer to achieve the business success.

Yours sincerely,

Tiger Ying,CEO

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