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  • Fibocom Won the Zero2IPO-Venture 50 Award

    The 10th Zero2IPO-Venture 50 (¡°V50¡±) list was released at the 6th China CEO Summit on December 2, 2015. This selection has been running for a decade since 2006 and is the first annual one in the investment community focusing on the high-growth enterprises. It is honored as the ¡°wind vane of industry investment¡±. By virtue of its 16 years of experience in the development of M2M industry applications, Fibocom won the Zero2IPO-Venture 50 award and the general manager Ying Lingpeng was invited to the award ceremony.


  • Relocation of Fibocom Taiwan Branch Office

    To implement globalization strategies, Fibocom Taiwan office was moved to the Far East World Center building Xizhi District of New Taipei City in October 1, 2015. Together with neighboring Eastern Science Park, this area is called Xizhi Science Park. The new office is conveniently close to the Second Northern Freeway Interchange XIzhi, high Xizhi exit of Zhongshan and Xike Station, and Taipei.


  • Fibocom Module G510 Successfully Acquired Anatel Certification in Brazil

    After rigorous testing, FIBOCOM G510 has met Anatel technical requirements and successfully acquired Anatel certification in Brazil, laying a solid foundation for G510¡¯s entry to the Brazilian market and guaranteeing the reliable services for customers.


  • FIBOCOM L831-EA Successfully Acquired GCF Certification

    After rigorous testing, FIBOCOM L831-EA has met GCF technical requirements and successfully acquired GCF certification.


  • Leading the way to the future since 1999¡ª¡ªFibocom 15 Anniversary

    November 11th, 2014 was the 15th anniversary of FIBOCOM.FIBOCOM has been working in the field of wireless communication technology for 15 years. During this time, we have amassed a great deal of experience and expertise, andconcomitantly we have developed a solid customer base.Thousands of clients around the world use FIBOCOM products every day, and the number is increasing rapidly. We sincerely thank all our customers, suppliers and partners from all over the world for the trust and support they have given us over the years.


  • FIBOCOM Won the First Batch of Intel¡¯s Investment under Smart Device Innovation Fund

    On Oct.21th,2014,Intel held an Investment Conference in Beijing and announced that it had allocated the first batch of investment USD28,000,000 under Smart Device Innovation Fund to five companies,FIBOCOM is one of them.


  • Fibocom successfully held the Technical Workshop in South Africa

    Electrocomp, a subsidary company of Electrocomp Holding and partner of Fibocom Wireless Inc. in South Africa hosted a M2M technical workshop in Johannesburg,Pretoria,Durban and Cape Town in September,2014. Over 300 customers visited the electrocomp workshop, among them, 228 engineers from 148 companies participated Fibocom Technical Presentation,300 sets of Fibocom G510 modules were sent to customer to test. Over 60 companies begin to test Fibocom modules after the workshop.


  • FIBOCOM H380 obtained both FCC & SRRC certification

    H380 obtained the FCC (Federal Communication Commission which is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.) Not only this saves the time and cost of our customers to get FCC certification, but makes them launching into the North American market easier.


  • FIBOCOM H380 has got CCC certification successfully

    Several days ago, FIBOCOM H380 obtained CE Certification. Today good news comes again: H380 has successfully obtained CCC certification. CCC (China Compulsory Certification) is one mandatory standard of China to protect the consumers¡¯ safety and national security, then strengthen product quality management.


  • FIBOCOM H380 has successfully obtained CE certifications

    FIBOCOM H380 obtained CE Certification, which set a foundation for the high reorganization of EU customers.H380 reaches the requirement of 99/5/EC Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment and 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility.


  • Fibocom Wireless successfully held the First Overseas Agent Technology Workshop

    On April 1-3 2014, the First Overseas Agent Technology Workshop of Fibocom Wireless Inc. had held in Shenzhen headquarters. It gathered lots of technicians who came from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore agencies.


  • Fibocom Announces L850-GL: Global LTE CATEGORY-9 M.2 Module

    Fibocom Wireless, a leading global provider of wireless modules for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces L850-GL, the world's first LTE Cat 9 M.2 module with global industrial and carrier certifications.


  • Fibocom Announces Thinnest Ever LTE CAT-1 IoT Module with Global 3G/2G Fallback

    Fibocom Wireless, a leading global provider of wireless modules for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces L816-AM, the world's thinnest LTE Cat 1 module for the North American market with global 3G/2G fallback.


  • Fibocom joined hands with SZU to build ¡°Joint Laboratory of Wireless Communication¡±

    On October 19, the opening ceremony of SZU-Fibocom Joint Laboratory of Wireless Communication was held at Shenzhen headquarters of Fibocom. Professor Xu Chen, vice chancellor of SZU, and Mr. Zhang Tianyu, chairman of Fibocom, jointly unveiled the nameplate of the laboratory.


  • Fibocom honored as Shenzhen Top Brand, establishing an industry benchmark

    In early 2016, Fibocom stood out from more than 100 candidate enterprises to win the honorable title of "Shenzhen Top Brand" as thanks to its industry-leading product and service quality. The Award Ceremony & Sixth International High-end Forum on Brand Building was held at Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel in the afternoon of May 7.


  • Fibocom joins hands with Intel and China Unicom (Guangdong Branch) to launch the first customized IoT application module in the industry

    Fibocom, Intel and China Unicom (Guangdong Branch) have formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement and announced to conduct close cooperation in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and launch Wo Core - the first customized IoT application module in the industry - in a bid to integrate new business models, provide one-stop solutions, effectively reduce IoT deployment costs, facilitate the fast implementation and large-scale deployment of IoT application and build an IoT ecosphere characterized by industrial mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


  • Fibocom SC610 is with RoHS Approved

    Fibocom SC610 is with RoHS Approved, which provides strong guarantee for the expansion of global market, especailly for EU market. Several days ago, Fibocom SC610 obtained CCC Certification as well.


  • Fibocom Logo Change Reflects Changing Times

    IoT Technology changes so fast, since Fibocom is all about making your wireless experience as easy and clutter-free as possible, we revamped our logo to better represent these sentiments and create a fresher look and image. By adopting streamlined letters, Fibocom took a more simplified approach for a more professional and modern looking.


  • Fibocom L811-EA and H330S Successfully Acquired RoHS Certification

    L811-EA and H330S have acquired RoHS Certification, which provides strong guarantee for the expansion of global market, especially for EU market.


  • Fibocom LTE Modules L830-GL succesfully acquired CE certification

    L830-GL has passed CE Safety Test,EMC Test and Radiation Emission Test .,etc and acquired CE Certification, which provides strong guarantee for the expansion of global market, especially for EU market.


  • H330S Successfully Acquired RCM Certification

    H330S has met the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) technical requirements and successfully acquired RCM certification. The RCM would cover telecommunications, radio communications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic energy (EME). It provides strong guarantee for the business development in Australia. In the meantime, it is beneficial to the global business development of H330S.


  • L831-EA Successfully Acquired FCC Certification

    After rigorous testing, L831-EA has passed FCC Test and met FCC technical requirements and successfully acquired FCC certificate. It provides strong guarantee for the business development in the United States.


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