Fibocom LTE Cat9 Module L850-GL Supports the Launch of Acer Swift7


Recently, Acer pre-launched the first all-new Swift 7 laptop with a thickness within 0.9cm at IFA 2017, which adopted Fibocom LTE Cat9 module L850-GL for mobile wireless cellular access function.

Fibocom LTE Cat9 Module L850-GL Supports the Launch of Acer Swift7

Hummingbird Swift series of laptops are Acer’s products featuring lightness, thinness and great endurance, winning universal praise in the market. Acer had set the world record of the thinnest laptop by virtue of 9.98mm Swift 7. The newly launched Swift 7 laptop will break this record, further improving user experience with “extremely thin” portable body and high-speed network access.

Fibocom LTE Cat9 Module L850-GL Supports the Launch of Acer Swift7

Fibocom L850-GL, which is applied in Acer ultra-thin laptop Swift 7, is an industry-leading LTE Cat9 high-speed full netcom module researched and developed based on Intel7360 platform, adopting M.2 interface, with a size of 30*42*2.3mm, and supporting multiple systems such as LTE FDD, LTE TDD and WCDMA. It is a top application choice for laptops and can be extensively applied in gateway, industrial monitoring and telemedicine sectors.

Following the quality goal of “One World One SKU”, Fibocom L850-GL module has an exquisite design and R&D process and a strict production management system. Subject to the review of numerous international standards, it has obtained global top operators’ admission and product certification by multiple countries and regions. How did Fibocom L850-GL achieve global application as a module? It has the following three core advantages:

Ultra-wide frequency band

As the first ultra-high-speed module supporting 24 LTE frequency bands globally in the industry, it perfectly supports frequency band applications in most countries and regions, realizing using one module to connect the whole world.

Ultra-high speed

As a LTE Cat9 module, Fibocom L850 owns a downstream rate of 450Mbps, and supports 2*2MIMO, 3CA combination, 2CA combination, and eSIM. It can meet users’ demands for rapid commercial application.

Numerous certifications

Fibocom L850-GL will obtain admission by over 10 top global operators such as Optus, Vodafone, AT&T and Telefonica. Its certification scope will cover 35 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, thus breaking national and regional thresholds and rapidly entering international markets, and providing customers with more choices in terms of product service scope.

In the future, laptops supporting LTE network and even 5G network will integrate innovative wireless technologies to realize all-new application and user experience. As a high-speed full netcom module customized for laptops and tablets, Fibocom L850-GL has perfectly realized high-speed network access in terms of hardware and software technology platforms, thus helping improve user experience.

Fibocom has established technological development partnerships with several world-famous brand-name laptop manufacturers, providing support and guarantee for users to access the Internet in a high-speed manner anytime anywhere by virtue of safe, steady and convenient LTE products, and contributing to the realization of the goal of “One World One SKU” with its industry-leading L850-GL module which is globally certified.

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