Fibocom Became a Founding Partner of "Alibaba Cloud Link Market"


From October 11 to14, the Computing Conference 2017, a top event of cloud computing in the world, was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Fibocom was invited to the event and officially became a founding partner of "Alibaba Cloud Link Market".

Fibocom Attended the Computing Conference 2017 and Became a Founding Partner of

At this conference, Alibaba Cloud announced the official launch of its Link IoT (Internet of Things) platform and expected to imake IoT more intelligent , turning it into Internet of Intelligences (IoI) by leveraging its accumulated experience in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. As a leading global provider of wireless communication modules and solutions, Fibocom formally joined “Alibaba Cloud Link Market” and became its founding partner.

Mr. Ku Wei, General Manager of IoT BU of Alibaba Cloud, said, “Being a key player in the IoT industry, Alibaba is committed to building IoT infrastructure and helping its partners connect front-end customers with back-end developers, cloud technologies with terminal hardware, and chip and sensor manufacturers with solution providers.”

As a founding partner of “Alibaba Cloud Link Market” and the “middleware” linking up operators, chip manufacturers, cloud platforms and end customers, Fibocom will make full use of its technological advantages and valuable resources to provide an extensive selection of products and services for upstream and downstream customers along the industrial chain, assisting Alibaba Cloud in building an innovative and open IoT platform, and working with other partners to promote the shift from IoT to IoI.

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