Relocation of Fibocom Taiwan Branch Office


To implement globalization strategies, Fibocom Taiwan office was moved to the Far East World Center building Xizhi District of New Taipei City in October 1, 2015. Together with neighboring Eastern Science Park, this area is called Xizhi Science Park. The new office is conveniently close to the Second Northern Freeway Interchange XIzhi, high Xizhi exit of Zhongshan and Xike Station, and Taipei.

Fibocom Won the Zero2IPO-Venture 50 Award

This relocation not only creates a good working environment for Fibocom employees, but also demonstrated Fibocom has the confidence and strength to create better performance. Taiwan branch office is the witness of the rapid development of the company in recent years.

Fibocom Won the Zero2IPO-Venture 50 Award Fibocom Won the Zero2IPO-Venture 50 Award


About  Fibocom

Fibocom Wireless Inc. is a global leading M2M and CE telecommunication provider dedicated to design and manufacture wireless module and provide IoT solutions, which enable secure communications among machines, equipment, vehicles and assets over wireless networks. Our product covers GSM/GPRS modules, HSPA+ modules, LTE modules and GNSS modules. Fibocom is well known for providing TCU、Smart POS、Smart Device which are based on Intel X86 platform. As an Intel invested company,

Fibocom boasts a comprehensive innovation driven portfolio in IoT industry.

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