Fibocom Module G510 Successfully Acquired Anatel Certification in Brazil


Fibocom Module G510 Successfully Acquired Anatel Certification in Brazil

After rigorous testing, FIBOCOM G510 has met Anatel technical requirements and successfully acquired Anatel certification in Brazil, laying a solid foundation for G510’s entry to the Brazilian market and guaranteeing the reliable services for customers.
ANATEL certification in Brazil is especially for telecom products. The products cannot come into service until the certificate of authorization issued by ANATEL who is acquired and the certificate/authorization holder (importer, manufacturer) is legally confirmed by Brazil.


The G5-family is the latest GSM/GPRS communication module launched by Fibocom. It adopts one of the most advanced platforms in the industry and the entire baseband processing speed has increased by four times, reaching the main frequency of 208M. On the basis of the superior performance of G6-family and G5-family have realized innovations on numerous technological fronts and are extremely competitive.

The G510 is the smallest wireless communication module for LCC package and supports GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz. It is extremely small in size, has low power consumption and powerful EMC and ESD performance, and has a built-in protocol stack and three serial ports, providing perfect voice call functions and high speed data transmission for customers.

The G510 module meets industrial-grade demands and has passed seven rounds of88hours ALT tests in severe environments. The production and manufacturing fully conforms to ISO/TS16949. It can also adapt to severe working environments with high temperatures, high humidity, and electromagnetic interference.

It features an extremely compact design, superior performance, and excellent cost effectiveness. It is well suited for diverse applications with high demands in M2M technology field, bringing the best experience to customers and terminal users.

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