FIBOCOM L831-EA Successfully Acquired GCF Certification


FIBOCOM L831-EA Successfully Acquired GCF Certification

After rigorous testing, FIBOCOM L831-EA has met GCF technical requirements and successfully acquired GCF certification. It boosts the confidence of L831-EA in obtaining market, lays a solid foundation for FIBOCOM brand to develop international businesses, and guarantees reliable services for customers.
GCF (Global Certification Forum) is an organization set up by operators and terminal manufacturers, with the purpose of ensuring the worldwide interoperation of terminals through independent certification process. It includes main GSM (or future UMTS) network operators and the world’s mainstream terminal manufacturers.



L831-EA module is a M.2-packed LTE wireless communication module which supports 12 frequencies from FDD-LTE/WCDMA HSPA+/GSM. It supports the LTE network based on the FDD and the 3G fallback. 
The module's network connection speed can reach 150Mbps in the downloading speed and the 50Mbps in the uploading speed. L831-EA is designed for consumer electronics industry which is  dedicated to America and Europe market.  
L831-EA can be widely used in consumer electronics.

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