Fibocom Will Propel the Advancement of 5G as the Task Leader of the GTI 5G S-Module Initiative


The GTI Summit, with the theme of “5G+AI, Go Intelligent and Connected”, is held in Shanghai on 27 June. Influential industry leaders attended the summit and shared new opportunities and new values of 5G. Mr. Ying, Fibocom CEO, and operators including China Mobile, Sprint and other industrial partners, announced the formal launch of “GTI 5G S-Module Initiative”. Fibocom, who has the honor of being a participant of the launch, will promote research and development of the 5G S-Module, and accelerates the integration between 5G and industries. 

Fibocom Throws Itself into the GTI 5G S-Module Initiative to Propel the Advancement of 5G

According to the “GTI 5G S-Module Initiative”, the first-batch of 5G S-Module products and 5G industry terminals are expected to be launched in early 2019 and the second half of 2019 respectively.

It also plan to launch the “Research Report on the Demand of 5G Vertical Industry Terminals” and “5G S-Module White Paper” by stage. Moreover, collaborating with others in industrial analysis, industrial application explore, technical research, product innovation, business incubator application promotion for healthy development and integrating innovation is involved in the initiative.


Mr. Zhu, VP of Fibocom Inc., expressed the understanding of 5G S-Modules plan from Fibocom at the 22nd GTI seminar on 26 June. He said “the demand for data transmission in the Internet of Things industry will show rapid growth in 5G era. Meanwhile, 5G S-Modules can be applied to terminal products in various application scenarios, simplifying the design process of terminal products, reducing product costs, accelerating the maturity of the industry, and fully promoting the realization of 5G commercialization value. ”

Fibocom Throws Itself into the GTI 5G S-Module Initiative to Propel the Advancement of 5G

With faster transmission, higher capacity, and lower network lag, 5G will play a vital role in diversified and differentiated services including UHD 8K video, cloud office, AR, VR/gaming, livestream drones, remote diagnosis. Namely, 5G not only simply improves communication quality, but also brings a new lifestyle of Internet of Things, and a fully-connected digital society.

Fibocom Throws Itself into the GTI 5G S-Module Initiative to Propel the Advancement of 5G

Fibocom is looking forward to the changes affected by 5G. As a global leading wireless module supplier who committed to offering perfect wireless experience to customers, Fibocom promotes tasks under GTI and will lead industrial partners to keep ahead and expect to a fully-connected digital life.

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