Fibocom Joins Hands with World’s Major Laptop Manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell and Acer


CES (“CES 2018”, the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show), an annual great event for show of the cutting-edge technologies, was held from January 9 to January 12 in Las Vegas. Fibocom joined hands with such world-famous laptop manufacturers as Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer to offer customers enhanced experience of high-speed wireless access to new technology powered laptops. 

Lenovo Chooses L850-GL by Fibocom to Offer Users Great Experience of Efficient and High-speed Global Network Access

At CES 2018, Lenovo announced the brand-new versions of the ThinkPad X1 series, including Carbon, Yoga, Tablet and all-in-ones, which featured prominently in the show. The refreshed Lenovo ThinkPad X1 series adopts high-speed Cat 9 module of Fibocom L850-GL for mobile wireless cellular access function.. 

Developed on the platform of Intel 7360, Fibocom L850-GL is an industry-leading, high-speed, “global-LTE network-supported” Cat 9 module, with 24 LTE bands, M.2 interface and a downstream rate of up to 450Mbps, which supports many systems including LTE FDD, LTE TDD and WCDMA. As a high-speed “global-LTE network-supported” module created and customized for Laptop and Tablet, Fibocom L850-GL allows efficient and high speed connection of global networks for users of Lenovo ThinkPad X1. 

Acer Chooses Fibocom L850-GL to Enable More People to Experience Innovative & Ultra-thin Products and Extreme Connection

Before the opening of CES 2018, Acer launched 8.98mm-thick Swift 7, thus establishing itself as the world’s thinnest laptop. With respect to its configuration, the Acer Swift 7 also adopts Fibocom’s high-speed Cat9 module of L850-GL for mobile wireless cellular access function, thus being always connected to improve consumers’ experience in network connection. High-speed network access enabled by built-in 4G LTE functions and embedded eSIM, together with portable ultra-thin design, brings Acer Swift 7 into the spotlight, winning wide praise and attention.

Fibocom L850-GL embodies Fibocom’s commitment to its quality objective of “One World One SKU”. Besides boasting 24 LTE bands and an ultra-high downstream rate of 450Mbps, L850-GL has met many international standards, acquired the permits from world top operators for access, and passed product certification in more than 35 countries and regions, will be the first choice for laptops and can be widely applied in such fields as gateway, industrial monitoring and telemedicine, etc.

Dell Chooses Fibocom L830-CN to Provide Efficient and High-speed PC Network Access Solution

The new 12-inch Dell Latitude 5280 is a sleek two-in-one laptop with 4G network connection, which boasts great mobility of tablets and high speed & efficiency of laptops.

Dell Latitude 12-inch 5280 realizes high speed mobile network access in both hardware and software thanks to its built-in high-speed 4G module of L830-CN by Fibocom. With a downstream rate of 300 Mbps, Fibocom L830-CN fully supports the mobile networks by the three largest operators in China, namely China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom, as well as different LTE systems around the world, and bridges the gap between the environment and devices, thus establishing itself as a new solution to network access by PC.

This CES has showcased many products applied with creative technologies. It is worth noting that, the Acer Swift 7 and the Dell Latitude 12-inch 5280 that adopt the high-speed module by Fibocom have become the first batch of “always-connected” PCs at CES 2018, which means that Fibocom’s module products are providing wireless cellular access services for more and more world-famous enterprises and their leading technological products. Diversified and multi-functional PCs also bear testimony to Fibocom’s great connection and its leadership in the field of electronic products. In the future, we will expand in such fields as consumer electronics, smart home, smart city and health & medicine, and help various industries to promote rapid commercial application of their products.

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