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The Fibocom intelligent module series has excellent data processing capabilities. It fully adapts to the IoT application scenarios and provides a better digital life experience in the data torrent era. 

1.    Covering multiple standard networks and high-speed LTE network transmission rate experience.  

2.   With high-quality image encoding and decoding capabilities, each frame is more realistic.

3.    Rich expansion interface, providing industry differentiated solutions.

Nowadays, the consumption mode of no paper money is deeply into people's minds. Our lifestyle is getting better with the digital innovation. For example, speakers can chat and control home appliances, the car entertainment system can execute commands through voice communication. 


To interconnect software data between cash register and mobile phone, to build the bride between AI speaker and people, to stabilise the interaction between car entertainment system and cloud data, it is the wireless communication module hidden in these IoT intelligent terminals.


Fibocom SC800 and SC806 series

IDEE Invitation

The SC800 and SC806 seriesare LTE Cat 4 intelligent module designed with the Qualcomm MSM8909 platform as the basis with a smart and open Andriod operating system. It has a variety of extension interface to be connected to an HD touch screen and supports front and rear cameras.

Fibocom SC800 with 128LCC+28LGA package supports multiple remote communication modes and WIFI/Bluetooth short-range wireless transmission technology. It covers 3 major operators in China


Fibocom SC806 with 146LDD+64LGA package covers network frequency bands of major global operators. As an excellent solution for different industries, the product has different versions.


Fibocom SC820 and SC826 series

IDEE Invitation

Fibocom SC820 and SC826 series are Android-powered smart LTE module with 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor based on MSM8953 platform. The modules have powerful performance and rich multimedia functions. With a built-in high-performance graphics processing engine (Qualcomm Adreno 506 GPU), the products can smoothly play 1080P video and support dual-screen display, with a resolution up to 1920*1200 and dual-camera function.

Fibocom SC820 with 156LCC+72LGA package supports multiple long-distance communication mode and short-distance wireless transmission technologies like WIFI and Bluetooth and GNSS wireless positioning technology.

Fibocom SC826 with 154 LCC+149LGA optimised design package can meet differentiated application scenarios and support advanced application development of audio and video.


Fibocom intelligent module series is the optimal solution for world’s wireless smart product core system, which allows our digital life getting smarter and more beautiful.


We kindly invest you to visit us at IDEE booth E8008 on 20 Sep.

IDEE Invitation

Fibocom is the first wireless communication module and solution provider listed in China(Stock Code : 300638) and it provides long-tern wireless communication services to many companies of global top 500 enterprises. For over 19 years, Fibocom has been dedicated to the development of Internet of Things and consumer electronic segments, and its major shareholders include the world’s largest PC parts and CPU manufacturer, Intel. Fibocom offers wireless communication module and solution that cover LTE, NB-IoT/eMTC, HSPA+, and GSM/GPRS and has won recognition from worldwide consumers for its leading technology and quality service. IDEE Invitation


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