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Fibocom leads the industrial partners to release “GTI 5G s-Module White Paper” at 23rd GTI workshop

At the 23rd GTI workshop in Vancouver, China Mobile, Softbank, Sprint and Fibocom jointly cooperated with 28 global terminal industrial partners and released the “GTI 5G S-Module White Paper”

This document focused on the technical solution of industry demand analysis and initially proposed concept of "5G Basic Type" s-module, "5G Smart Type" s-module and "all-in-one Type" s-module. It defined basic functional requirements, hardware technical requirements, electrical interface technical requirements, test and certification scheme of 5G s-module. It aimed to make direction of 5G s-module industry chain and accelerate the development of research.

Fibocom leads the industrial partners to release “GTI 5G s-Module White Paper” at 23rd GTI workshop

Operators led lots of industrial top companies including Fibocom to write the White Paper. Also, Fibocom’s VP of Business Development, Amy had a speech for 5G s-module in research and application. She said “with 5G promising ultra speed, high capacity and low latency, it also brought along challenges to deliver the advertised expectations.” For example, coverage to global frequency band, adequate antenna platform and transmission speed.

Fibocom gave specific solutions according these elements. In order to offer worldwide modules and cover the global market, Fibocom provided PCIe interface to satisfy high transmission rates in various scenes. It uses innovative design to battle the noise front. The module also supports frequency bands from 4G LTE to 5G New Radio, covering most of the anticipated 5G global carriers.

Meanwhile, Fibocom showed the 5G s-module cycle schedule, with device prototype coming next Feb, friendly user trial devices towards Nov 2019, to pave the path for 5G commercialization in 2020.

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