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Fibocom to Enhance its 5G C-V2X Business by Increasing the Investment Strategically

Shenzhen China - Fibocom (Stock Code:300638), a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules, reaches a strategic agreement with Zhejiang Ecarx Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ecarx”) to increase the capital and shares of LINKSCI Technology Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as "LINKSCI").

The ceremony was held in Ningbo Cixi Geely Research Institute, Mr. Hu Zhengnan, Dean of Geely Research Institute, Mr. ShenZiyu, CEO of Ecarx, and Mr. Zhang Tianyu Chairman of Fibocom, Mr. Qi Guangzhi, Vice President of Fibocom, and others witnessed and participated in the signing ceremony.

Since establishment, Fibocom has been committed to the business of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile Internet wireless communication technologies and applications and the application expansion of their solutions. The company has strong R&D capabilities in communication technology, radio frequency technology, data transmission technology, and signal processing technology. It is a professional product and solution provider with independent intellectual property rights in the field of wireless communication technology. Fibocom's strategic investment in LINKSCI will further boost its development of vehicle-level communication modules and in-vehicle terminal applications, and provide LINKSCI with strong technical and supply chain support. LINKSCI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecarx, dedicated to the field of Internet of Vehicles C-V2X applications, leveraging on the Ecarx’s platform and has a strong market advantage.

In February this year, 11 national ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Smart Car Innovation Development Strategy", which pointed out that to promote industrial integration and development as a way to encourage existing auto industry participants and other industrial enterprises to transform, create support for innovation, encourage innovation, and loose and inclusive development The environment accelerates the maturity of the Internet of Vehicles industry chain. Through this strategic cooperation, Fibocom and Ecarx will coordinate development and complement each other in the industry chain of Internet ofVehicles, and actively participate in the development of the intelligent networked automobile industry.

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