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LTE-M & NB-IoT: IoT LPWA Module Solutions for Smart Meter Connectivity

LTE-M and NB-IoT are the IoT LPWA module solutions for smart meter connectivity. Learn how to choose among options in the power-efficient technology today.

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Low power wide area or lpwa module is the most efficient module that is widely used for smart devices foreign efficient and precise outcomes.

The Lpwa module allows long-distance communication at a low bit rate. This is one of the most efficient and device-friendly communication modules offering high-performance data transmission and low power consumption. IoT lpwa devices have a better communication capability with very few to no chances of errors alongside providing the devices with long battery lives. 

It is the perfect solution for population-dense areas such as crowded cities or buildings as IoT lpwa devices are able to deal with a huge amount of data load at a time without any miscommunication or data error. 

LPWA is the most suitable module for smart meter connectivity. Smart meters are an important dimension of IoT. The existing infrastructure of low-power wide area modules is completely compatible with smart meter connectivity. This will not only make the whole process more efficient, but it will also lower the operating cost by eliminating the cost of duplicating infrastructure between the IoT and other utilities. According to the experts, IoT lpwa will shortly become the preferable network connectivity module for smart meter connectivity.

lpwan nb IoT and lpwa lte m both are high-quality lpwa modules that offer excellent performance. These two modules are especially ideal for smart meter connectivity. 

lpwan nb IoT is suitable for long-distance and indoor or underground use and perfect for fixed IoT application that makes this model perfect for IoT devices such as smart meters for gas, water and electricity, smart city lighting, parking sensors and other IoT devices, smart agriculture and other applications.  lpwan nb IoT module offers efficient data transmission among the networks and devices by using a low bandwidth.

On the other hand, lpwa lte m offers a higher uplink and downlink speed along with a significantly low latency. This offers a high bandwidth that can seamlessly replace the 2G and 3G IoT applications, and also, this module is way smarter than previously used applications. 

lpwa lte m module can be used for smart wearables (fitness wristbands, smart watches), fleet management, asset tracking, smart alarms, and health monitors.

No matter which lpwa module you choose, you have to make sure that the module is compatible with your application requirements. For example, it will not be wise to choose lpwa lte m module for smart parking as the characteristics of this module don't meet the requirements of smart parking. Rather, they match the requirements of smart valuables. While purchasing lpwa solutions, make sure to remember the purpose of purchasing that solution as every solution is compatible with different types of IoT devices. 

Get high-quality lpwa solutions at Fibcom

No matter whether you want the lpwan nb IoT module or the lpwa lte m module for IoT devices, we have high-quality modules that can meet your requirements precisely without any hazards. Our technicians have developed the most reliable and efficient lpwa solutions that can meet all your requirements and offer a satisfying experience. For smart parking, smart lights, and other similar kinds of IoT applications, we have 10 high-quality modules, each with a specific USP so that you can choose your module according to your requirements and avoid any kind of mishaps. We have 10 more modules for IoT applications such as smart security alarms, smart wearables, etc. We want you not to compromise on your requirements and get the highest-quality module at a reasonable rate. 

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Which LPWA Module to Choose for Your IoT Applications?

Upload date: 2021-10-29

Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) network, including LTE-M and NB-IoT, is a power-efficient technology that designed to transfer small amounts of data from a large number of devices, offering enhanced network coverage and capacity, lower costs as well as longer battery life suitable for low-power IoT applications. But how to choose the right LPWA module for your project?

NB-IoT vs LTE Cat-M: What Scenarios?

According to the Mobile IoT Deployment Map of GSMA, both LTE-M and NB-IoT are widely deployed around the world. NB-IoT is suitable for markets with late LTE adoption, while LTE-M is predominant in North and Latin American as well as Asian markets with early LTE adoption.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) operates over licensed spectrum designed for IoT devices with low bandwidth requirements. Since cellular technology offers remote support and strong signal penetration, NB-IoT is suitable for long distance and indoor or underground use. However, it cannot handle cellular tower switching, so it can only be used for fixed IoT applications. As a result, it is ideal for simple IoT scenarios that require small, intermittent data transfers and where latency is not critical, such as smart meters for gas, water and electricity, smart city (smart street lighting and parking sensors), smart agricultural (sensors that monitor irrigation systems and detect leaks), and so on.

Compared to NB-IoT, LTE Cat M supports higher uplink and downlink speeds of 1Mbps, as well as lower latency of 10 to 15 milliseconds. LTE M provides high enough bandwidth to replace many current 2G and 3G IoT applications. It supports cellular tower crossover switching so can be applied in devices that require mobility. Use cases of LTE M include smart wearables (fitness wristbands, smart watches), asset tracking, fleet management, health monitors and smart alarms.

Fibocom’s High-Value LPWA Solutions Empower Industry Verticals

Fibocom's commercial-ready LPWA modules can deliver cost-optimized wireless solutions for large-scale mobile IoT applications, bringing IoT solutions to the market with lower capital and time investment. The Fibocom NB-IoT module N510-GL and LTE Cat M module MA510-GL are especially suitable for IoT industry applications such as smart meter, smart home, smart parking, smart healthcare, asset tracking, smart cities, etc. Importantly, both types of the modules are pin compatible with Fibocom 2G module G510 and LTE Cat 1 module MC610, allowing customers to immigrate easily between different technologies without hardware changing.

Fibocom’s LPWA modules have been certified by various regional telecom operators (T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Telefonica), industry associations (HF, GCF, PTCRB) and local regulations (RoHS, RCM, NCC, IC, Reach, Anatel, CE, TELEC, JATE, CE-RED, FCC), aiming to satisfy different deployment requirements for customers worldwide.

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