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IoT Camera Module to Optimize Surveillance | Fibocom

The IoT camera module supports surveillance with a prevention and control system. Fibocom offers reliable and safe wireless solutions for all industries.

Using technology such as video monitoring, intrusion detection analytics, and video management software, an IoT Camera Module focuses on people's safety, property, and properties. A smart city uses real-time intelligence, connectivity, and cross-departmental coordination to solve security issues and organizational inefficiencies, thus improving citizens' overall quality of life. Urban centers must follow a different set of priorities and technologies to meet today's most pressing security issues and local needs. In a nutshell, metropolises must turn from safe to smart cities.

Technology Determiner

HD IP cameras, thermal and visible surveillance cameras, smart wearable devices, intelligent traffic cameras, autonomous driving solutions, drones, CBRNE detection systems, equipment condition monitoring systems, video management systems, and command and control applications are all part of IoT Camera Module systems' robust network of smart city technologies. Cities will minimize emergency response times by deploying an all-in-one, integrated approach that streamlines data collection, trend monitoring, and multi-agency coordination.

Following are three innovative smart surveillance ideas that are transforming places into smart cities:

1. Smart Mobile Sensors

IoT Camera Module incorporates audio, video, geospatial positioning, and AI-powered inter-device communications technology and is either worn on a person's body or placed in a car. HD IP camera functions as an IoT system, activating nearby sensitive devices, security cameras, and other linked sensors to respond to an alarm event and transmit data to a command center. On-site law enforcement staff equipped with IP cameras may assist the victims, capture video evidence for possible inquiries, and relay data to other response teams in the event of a violent demonstration breaking out in a community. AI technology offers true situational awareness by allowing real-time communication between command centers and first responders.

2. Intelligent Transport Systems

With real-time data sharing, transportation departments use the IoT Camera Module to provide safer roads and improve overall mobility. The V2X concept is indeed a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) thermal traffic sensor. It detects cars, pedestrians, and bikes, even in inclement weather, and communicates this information to other V2X-guided devices and infrastructure. The V2X device, which is mounted on a traffic arm mast, will broadcast safety signals, such as warning drivers to slow down if a pedestrian is detected in the junction. V2X and IoT Camera Module can also track incoming public transit and emergency vehicles and turn on traffic signals ahead of time.

3. Thermal Traffic Cameras

When a road accident happens, both identification and quick response are essential for resolving the incident. The HD IP Series thermal cameras are assisting in this endeavor. Standard surveillance cameras are hampered by changing lighting conditions, shadows, and headlight reflection, but IP cameras are not.

In challenging conditions such as total darkness, fog, rain, and smoke, the IoT Camera Module automatically identifies pedestrians, reckless drivers, and car accidents. Traffic controllers can easily deploy officers to the scene to resolve the problem before traffic delays occur by promptly identifying accidents and notifying traffic centers.

Fibocom 4G and 5G smart modules can be converted into intelligent IP cameras, video encoders, and several other IoT terminals truly combined with IoT sensors and AI technology. Accordingly, HD surveillance image data is created by these cameras. Again, this data can be transferred to management platforms in a prompt and low latency approach to cater to real-time monitoring.

Our organization Fibocom, a pioneer in sensor technology, is well placed to help cities transition from safe cities with isolated sensors to smart cities with intelligent and well-connected systems.


The Industry

As urban communities continue to expand, people, vehicles, things, and properties have become highly concentrated, leading to increasingly complex security environments. Therefore video surveillance systems constitute a crucial foundation for urban safety and stability. They are an integral component of "safe cities" and "smart cities". As HD surveillance technology gains maturity, "high-definition" has become an inevitable trend. As such construction of "comprehensible" intelligent security systems has been kicked off. The frontend of security systems mainly consists of IP cameras and video decoders.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Fibocom 5G modules and 4G intelligent modules can be built into HD IP cameras, video encoders and other IoT terminals, or combined with AI technology, sensors, etc. In this way, HD surveillance image data obtained by the cameras can be transmitted to management platforms in an express and low-latency manner for real-time monitoring and analysis.

All-around HD video experience

Fibocom 5G/4G intelligent wireless modules enables IoT cameras to deliver an all-around HD user experience that cover collection, transmission, storage, control and display. With the accuracy of intelligent analysis algorithms greatly improved, intelligent applications such as video retrieval, behavior analysis, face recognition, HD high-speed dome cameras, HD infrared cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and auto applications can be further upgraded.

Highly adaptable and flexible

Unlike wired cameras, IoT cameras with wireless modules support the scientific optimization of surveillance locations and the rational planning of surveillance points. With special cameras installed in different scenarios, a layered urban video surveillance and joint prevention and control system can be built, providing a solid infrastructure foundation for security, as well as the better use of video applications.

Sophisticated and systematic O&M services

Embedded in IoT cameras, Fibocom modules provide reliable, stable and safe wireless connection to support various intelligent IPC applications. Stable wireless communication systems are a prerequisite for the normal delivery of monitoring services. Users can monitor and manage all kinds of equipment such as frontend cameras and backend video devices in real time through an integrated monitoring and management system, greatly reducing hidden dangers.

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