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4G LTE NB-IoT Module for LTE Cat NB1/NB2 | Fibocom

N510-GL is a 4G NB-IoT Module for LTE Cat NB1/NB2. The module is suitable for scenarios such as smart meter, smart parking and other handy, wearable devices.

The Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) refers to a radio technology standard established by the 3GPP to allow a broad range of NB-IoT 4G cellular devices and services. In June 2016, 3GPP Release 13 (LTE Advanced Pro) got introduced, which was the last version of the specification. EC-GSM-IoT and eMTC (enhanced Machine-Type Communication) are two other IoT technologies developed by the 3GPP.

Indoor coverage, long battery life, low cost, and high link density are all priorities for NB-IoT in the domain of Internet of Things Module. The NB-IoT standard is based on a subset of the LTE standard, but the bandwidth is limited to a single narrow range of 200 kHz. For downlink communication, it uses OFDM modulation, and for uplink communication, it uses SC-FDMA. NB-IoT (LTE NB1) which operates on the permitted spectrum and has no service cycle restrictions would be best suited to IoT applications that require more frequent connectivity.

Modules and Devices

The ecosystem of 3GPP-compliant LPWA devices plans to evolve. GSA discovered 200 devices that support Internet of Things Module, such as Cat-NB1/NB-2 or Cat-M1. The number of devices supporting Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT), Cat-M1, or Cat-NB2 had increased by 50%, with a total of 301 devices.

LTE NB1 (including known variants) is supported by 23 devices, while Cat-M1 is supported by 198 devices (including known variants). As of September 2019, the system breakdown was 60 percent modules, 25 percent asset trackers, and nearly 6 percent routers, with the rest, made up of femtocells, data loggers, smart-home systems, smartwatches, USB modems, and vehicle onboard units (OBUs).


LTE NB1, also identified as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology designed to link a wide range of devices to the internet over established mobile networks. The NB-IoT standard was created to support the Internet of Things Module (IoT). It is a low-power, narrowband technology that can efficiently, securely, and reliably support limited portions of 2-way data transmission. Release 13 of the 3GPP was responsible for the development of this standard.


The LTE Cat NB2 standard is an update to the LTE NB1standard (NB-IoT). In its Release 14, 3GPP presented an improved NB-IoT 4G protocol as well as the NB2 system group. The LTE Cat NB1 has been upgraded to this standard. Release 14 of the 3GPP introduced an improved NB-IoT protocol as well as a new device category called NB2.

Advantages of NB2

The 3GPP Release 14 specification added a new 14 dBm low power class to the LTE Cat NB2 models, allowing for smaller batteries and smaller form factors. Only 20 and 23 dBm are supported by LTE Cat NB1.

In Internet of Things Module, multicast transmission mode is supported by these devices.

For improved location precision, LTE Cat NB2 devices support E-CID and OTDOA positioning methods.

As compared to Cat NB1 devices, LTE Cat NB2 devices provide faster data speeds. They have maximum downlink and uplink data rates of 127 kbps and 159 kbps, respectively.

These devices can serve up to fifteen non-anchor carriers in a multi-carrier mode, allowing for up to 1,000,000 connected NB-IoT devices per square kilometer.

For NB-IoT, 3GPP Release 14 added five new FDD frequency bands, namely 11, 21, 25, 31, and 70.

Fibocom has the world's most advanced wireless connectivity modules to support the industrial digital transformation to assist business customers in identifying and exploiting global IoT opportunities.

Air Interface:NB-IOT
Region: Global,

The 4G LTE NB-IoT N510-GL module is a high-performance Internet of Things module tailor-made for the global IoT market, and is packaged in LCC+LGA. Compatible with Fibocom 510 series module, easy for future upgrading.
It is an ideal Internet of Things module supporting LTE Cat NB1/NB2, especially suitable for IoT industry applications with low power consumption and ultra-small size as core requirement. Relying on the existing 4G network, the NB-IoT module is widely used in Internet of Things scenarios such as smart meter, smart home, smart Parking, wearable devices, asset tracking, smart cities.

Product Specifications

Basic Features

Dimension 22.2x20.2x2.1mm
Operating Temperature -40 ~+85 
Storage Temperature -45~+90° C
Operating Voltage
AT Command Set
3GPPTS 27.007 and 27.005, proprietary FIBOCOM AT commands
TX Power

Data Transmission

Multi-tone: 62.5Kbps (UL)/ 26.15Kbps (DL)

Single-tone: 15.6Kbps (UL)
LTE NB2 Multi-tone: 158.5Kbps (UL)/ 126.8Kbps (DL)

Single-tone: 18.1Kbps (UL)







System Indicator



OS Drivers

OS Drivers Linux, Windows


Certifications CE/NCC/ FCC/ RoHS/HF/ PTCRB/GCF/VDF*/DT/Verizon*/TMO

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