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Air Interface:4G, 2G
Region: China, Europe, Latin America,
The FR-L610-Tracker-00 is a Tracker reference design.
In terms of hardware structure, AP + modem is adopted,
which can support positioning monitoring, intelligent
tracking and other functions; in hardware, it supports
multiple AP reference designs and antenna design; in
software, it supports mqtt protocol integration and
Alibaba cloud integration; it is open-source for
customers and supports customized solutions.

Product Specifications


STM32F103 or APM32F103
12V DC
Battery 3.6~4.2V

Reserved charging circuit
Low power consumption mode Timing start, and automatic sleep mechanism
When the timing is 0, it is in continuous working state
Enter shutdown or low power consumption state when not working

Supports heartbeat mode
Wireless Module
L610, LTE CAT1
Huada Beidou TAU120x dual frequency positioning module

Or 1103 single frequency module

Or dual frequency + RTK Positioning Module

Reference design compatible with a variety of positioning module package, optional

Basic Function

Positioning monitoring
Base station positioning (use lbs function of l610 to report longitude and latitude information)
Electricity detection
Intelligent tracking + alarm mode (timing report mode)
Low power mode (configurable with alarm mode, 1 out of 2)
Blind zone supplementary transmission
SMS configuration, data configuration
Static drift calibration upload
Important parameter backup protection function

Step Forward

Get Started with
Fibocom Embedded Intelligence

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