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Fibocom MA510 Module Completes Microsoft Azure Certification, Further Accelerating LPWAN Deployment

  • Fibocom’s MA510-GL module is certified by Microsoft Azure, enabling seamless device-to-cloud integration with strong built-in/ plug-and-play support for the Azure IoT cloud.
  • Fibocom MA510 is a commercial-ready LTE-M product that delivers cost-optimized wireless solutions for large-scale LPWA IoT applications.

Shenzhen China – January 25, 2022 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, announces that its LTE Cat M module MA510-GL has been successfully certified by Microsoft Azure. The module is now listed on the Azure Certified Device catalog, ready to provide built-in/ plug-and-play support for Azure-powered IoT applications in the fields of smart meter, asset tracking, smart city and more. Solution developers can directly access to the MA510-GL module from the Microsoft Azure catalog.

Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing service for developing, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services over a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. The Azure Certified Devices program integrates tools and services, with over 1,900 certified devices, which contributes to industry knowledge sharing, increased product visibility, and time savings for solution development. Fibocom’s Azure-certified module MA510 makes it easier for developers to bring imaginative connectivity for low-power IoT applications, accelerating LPWA deployment at scale.

“We are excited to cooperate with Microsoft Azure to unleash creativity. With cutting-edge performance and power-efficient capabilities, Fibocom’s Azure-certified module MA510 can help customers jumpstart their IoT projects with confidence and reduce time to market, which opens up new possibilities for digital transformation across many industries,” said Dan Schieler, SVP of IoT Overseas Sales Dept., Fibocom.

Featuring 3GPP Release 14 capabilities, the Fibocom MA510-GL module is exclusively designed to boost the commercial deployment of LPWAN. Based on Qualcomm chipset platform, Fibocom’s MA510 is a high-value IoT module supporting LTE Cat M1/ Cat NB2/ EGPRS frequency bands, with maximum data rates of 375 Kbps downlink and 1119 Kbps uplink. It is worth mentioned that MA510 also support LTE 450MHz network, providing a broader scope of connectivity at a lower cost for network users, especially in the field of smart metering. Importantly, the MA510 module is pin-compatible with Fibocom 2G module G510 and LTE Cat 1 module MC610, allowing flexible migration among different technologies.

Fibocom’s MA510 module adopts LCC+LGA form factor, measuring 22.2x20.2x2.1mm. Besides diverse functionalities such as MUX, Jamming Detection, LBS, DFOTA, SMS and Audio, the module comes with built-in multi-constellation GNSS receiver, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo, for high-performance positioning and navigation. It also supports eDRX and PSM low power mode, with PSM as low as 3.2uA, ideally suitable for IoT applications that need low power consumption and ultra-small size. Meanwhile, it supports multiple operating systems (Linux/ Android/ Windows), various Internet protocols as well as a rich set of digital interfaces (SIM, USB 2.0, UART, SPI, ADC and GPIO), allowing much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application.

To date, Fibocom’s MA510 module has been certified by various regional telecom operators (T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Telefonica, KDDI), industry associations (HF, GCF, PTCRB) and local regulations (RoHS, RCM, NCC, IC, Reach, Anatel, CE, TELEC, JATE), aiming to satisfy different deployment requirements for customers worldwide.

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