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5G Cellular Router Powered by Fibocom Modules | Fibocom

5G cellular router with facial recognition function is one of the many techologies showcased at Fibocom. Contact us to work on your unqiue wireless product now.

Fibocom Module-Driven 5G Cellular Router -Fibocom

One of the most emerging technologies on display at Fibocom is a 5G Cellular Router with facial recognition capabilities. Contact us today to start developing your unique wireless device.

A cellular router provides connectivity without the need for wired cabling by using 4G LTE or 5G Cellular Router connections. The demand for cellular-based routers is rising quickly in response to the expansion of LTE and 5G networks. For business organizations, industrial applications, and transportation, 4G LTE routers, cellular routers, 5G routers, and extenders connect and route data across devices, applications, and cloud services. They accomplish this more quickly, affordably, and consistently than conventional wired routers, and they provide backup connectivity for wired connections—the ideal of business continuity.

In order to safely and securely connect people, machines, and data anywhere, anytime, 5G Cellular Router solutions provide the communications backbone in three major categories: enterprise, industrial, and transportation/mobile. 5G Cellular Router configurations are completely integrated solutions designed to support the most relevant requirements. They feature quick deployment, secure edge computational power, extremely resilient connections, troubleshooting, monitoring, and out-of-band management.

The cellular modem required to connect to 4G and 5G towers is included in these all-in-one devices, along with a standard Wi-Fi router. A cellular router integrates and streamlines everything, so you don't need a networking degree to get things running. People have been connecting their mobile hotspots to conventional Wi-Fi routers for a long time, but this merely adds complexity and points of failure. 5G Cellular Router (Non-carrier branded) has only recently become available at reasonable pricing. These devices are also significantly more powerful than their first-generation equivalents, with low-end CAT4 performance and high-end CAT18+ capability.

CAT Numbers Explained

It's crucial to pay attention to such CAT (category) numbers since they specify the characteristics the modem provides, such as carrier aggregation (CA), QAM, and MIMO. Although discussing each function in detail is outside the purview of this content, generally speaking, the speedier the 5G Cellular Router modems, the higher the CAT number. Users might have a CAT18 router operating next to a CAT6 router, both with the same antennas, as an example of CAT numbers in a rural setting. Even though the CAT18 router is significantly more sophisticated than the CAT6 router, they both work nearly identically because of how far away people are from the towers. Therefore, even while CAT rankings are significant, they in no way represent a guarantee of quick speeds.

The external antenna connectors on cellular routers are among their most crucial components. Many mobile hotspots lack external antenna ports, which is a major issue for anyone attempting to access the internet in the last mile. While standing outdoors at home, users have roughly one bar of signal on all three carriers. Actually, depending on the time of day, it's sufficient for a speed of roughly 20Mbps. Even though it's not much, it's enough to get by. The signal, however, becomes essentially nonexistent within the house. Simply said, one of those common mobile hotspots won't function.

In order to receive that 20 Mbps of signal, one can mount a MIMO panel antenna on the side of the premises and direct it toward the town centre using a cellular router with genuine antenna connections.

We have the technological foundation that upgrades networks and enables users to operate more effectively. You may create a dynamic, intelligent 5G Cellular Router network out of a large number of distributed IoT devices using Fibocom Remote Manager. You can simply deploy, monitor, and debug thousands of mission-critical devices from a single point of command on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Our software-defined security is aggressively defending your whole ecosystem during this time.

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Fibocom Showcases the Latest IoT Solutions Empowered by its Wireless Modules at Embedded World 2020

Nuremberg Germany – February 26th, 2020 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638, SZSE), a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), to showcase its state-of-the-art wireless modules and IoT solutions at the 18th edition of Embedded World. What are the new trends in the module business? Let’s find out at Fibocom stand 433 in Hall 3.

Fibocom Showcases the Latest IoT Solutions Empowered by its Wireless Modules at Embedded World 2020

With the commercial launch of 5G licenses globally, Fibocom has accelerated the implementation of 5G applications with its 5G module, FM150 and FG150, it is designed as M.2 form factor (FM150), and LGA form factor (FG150) to meet the diversified industrial requirements, both supporting SA & NSA network architectures. Fibocom demonstrates the 5G applications empowered by its 5G modules, such as 5G router with facial recognition function and powerful edge computing CPU, intelligent industrial-grade 5G gateway, and intelligent 5G AI STB (Set-Top-Box). Fibocom 5G module can help these applications to achieve real-time data transmission under the 5G network, with low latency, and fast-response speed in a nanosecond.

Fibocom Showcases the Latest IoT Solutions Empowered by its Wireless Modules at Embedded World 2020
Cooperating with chipset business partner UNISOC, Fibocom showcased the latest innovative LTE Cat.1 series module L610, which will accelerate the next trends of large-scale application of the IoT industry. Fibocom Cat.1 module is designed to solve the problems of GSM network coverage and network shutting down. It meets the requirements of low-power consumption and will become the best migration choice for IoT users in the future. At present, there are three versions of the L610 series, covering the network bands of major operators in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. In the future, it will further enrich its application scenarios such as new retail, asset tracking, public network intercom, DTU, and shared hardware.

Fibocom Showcases the Latest IoT Solutions Empowered by its Wireless Modules at Embedded World 2020

Introducing the MaaS (Module as a Service) strategy to the oversea market, Fibocom aims to transform the business models with wireless cellular modules. “We help our customers to gain profits from big data and IoT markets by composing the strategic maps of digital transformation,” said Tiger Ying, Fibocom CEO. “Based on diversified product portfolio including 5G/4G/3G/2G/CAT 1/NB-IoT, and smart module, with our capabilities of combining terminals, IoT platform services, cloud platforms together, Fibocom can empower customers’ projects with customized, agile, intelligent IoT solutions from industries of consumer electronics, wireless payment, metering, security surveillance, and connected cars.”

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