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Fibocom FG150-AE and FM150-AE Becomes the World’s First Certified 5G modules at Deutsche Telekom!

Shenzhen China – March 1st ,2021 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading global provider of IoT (Internetof Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules, today announces that its 5G modules FG150-AE and FM150-AE has successfully completed the Deutsche Telekom AG certification, becoming the world's first certified 5G modules at Deutsche Telekom.

The completion of the certification suggests that the functionality of Fibocom’s FG150-AE and FM150-AE has been fully recognized by Deutsche Telekom, and the 5G modules can be used for the deployment of 5G projects under Deutsche Telekom 5G SA/5G NSA/4G/3G network conditions, providing ultra-high-speed, low latency wireless networking services to global customers, which is an important milestone for Fibocom to expand its global 5G market to cover Asia and European regions.

We are pleased to announce that Fibocom’s FG150-AE and FM150-AE are the first certified 5G modules at Deutsche Telekom. This achievement was made possible by our strong collaboration and partnership with Fibocom. We look forward to working closely together to enable new innovations and business opportunities for our IoT customers.”-said Uday Patil, Head of IoT Devices,Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH.

Fibocom FG150-AE and FM150-AE 5G modules area series of 5G wireless communication modules released for Asia, Australia and Europe market, supporting 5G standalone network (SA) and non-standalone network(NSA) network architectures. It works with the 5G Sub 6 and is compatible with LTE and WCDMA standards in response to the commercial demand for rapid landing.

With faster transmission speed, greatercarrying capacity and lower network latency, Fibocom’s 5G module FG150-AE and FM150-AE has already been applied in diverse scenarios like 4K/8K HD livestreaming, cloud office, Industrial 4.0, C-V2X, smart grid, smart security andother innovative applications, such as 5G mobile network PC, 5G HD video communication terminals, 5G electric power terminals, 5G connected devices and systems (wireless gateways, routers, CPE, SD-WAN), 5G smart dressing mirrors,5G drones, 5G robots, 5G AR/VR, 5G cloud gaming terminals, 5G HD digital signage, and more.

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