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Brand Department ∣ 2020/06/28 ∣ College and above

Job responsibilities:

1, operate WeChat official account independently, increase the number of fans, increase the activity, plan and provide high-quality and efficient information according to the Department's rhythm.

2. Establish and maintain community, answer questions and spread information;

3. Independently responsible for external content editing and dissemination;

4. Grasp the overall style and personality of the Department's operation, carry out phased online activities and track the promotion effect;

5. Participate in the marketing planning and marketing of department brand and content;

6. Proficient in the use of mapping software, able to carry out timely external promotion of the Department.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, experience in new media operation and copywriting is preferred;

2. Able to write articles independently and be good at various styles of writing; quick thinking, innovative ideas, unique views, and new media operation thinking;

3. Familiar with the law of Internet communication, have the ability of independent planning, can catch up with hot spots, write planning, timely implementation, and achieve excellent communication effect;

4. Understand Photoshop and video production, be proficient in PPT or AI, familiar with Xiumi, I typesetting and other editing tools;

5. Strong pressure resistance.

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