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Company Introduction

Founded in 1999, Fibocom is a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules. We are committed to bringing reliable, accessible,secure, and intelligent wireless solutions to every IoT application scenariofor the increasingly digitalized industries and enriched smart life of thewhole society. In 2017, Fibocom become the first stock-listed (Stock Code:300638) wireless module provider in China.

We provide technically advanced andhigh-performance 5G, 4G, NB-IoT/eMTC, 3G, and 2G, smart, auto-grade, GNSS,Wi-Fi/BT wireless modules. By technically embedding Fibocom’s wirelesssolutions into IoT devices that will become smart and remotely manageable withstable data transmission between devices and operation center, we empower theintelligent future of all industries that mainly include smart retail, ACPC(Always Connected PC), industry 4.0, smart grid, smart homes, smartagriculture, smart cities, telemedicine, metering, smart security surveillance,and the intelligently connected cars, etc. We have many long-term industrycustomers including Fortune Global 500 enterprises, which is an importantdriven power of our fast development.

Fibocom is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, andhas R&D centers in both Shenzhen and Xi'an. We areglobally located with more than 30 subsidiaries and regional operation centersin China, Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific Regions. Currently, we have morethan 1000 global employees, and provide products and services in more than 100countries and regions.

Our Values

Capture Highest Value for Customers

Centered on customer needs, Fibocom is committed to providing customers with safe and stable wireless connections and convenient services, and helping them reduce operating costs and maximize value. By empowering numerous IoT applications, Fibocom is securing users a seamless wireless experience and an exciting smart life via IoT communication products and solutions.

Boost IoT Industries

Fibocom’s products and solutions are of high relevance to new infrastructure such as 5G, charging stations, AI, and Industrial Internet. Bearing in mind that the company shares the same destiny with the industry, Fibocom has reached long-term strategic partnership with global leading telecom operators, mainstream chip manufacturers, and other players along the IoT industry chain. Based on wireless communication technology, we aspire to jointly develop innovative IoT applications and a robust ecosystem. Meanwhile, Fibocom has joined a number of standardization organizations and industry alliances at home and abroad. By proactively participating in the formulation of influential standards, we keep contributing our experience and knowledge to the sustainable development of IoT. During the COVID-19 pandemic, wireless multi-parameter monitors equipped with Fibocom 4G wireless modules were sent to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. They reduced the physical contact between medical staff and patients and improved the efficiency of medical treatment, greatly lowering the risk of cross-infection.

Growand Thrive with Employees

As the very first A-share listed IoT module producer in China, Fibocom insists on growing together with employees. For excellent contributors, we offer both tangible and intangible incentives including equities; for graduates, we provide a longer learning cycle and an international development platform; for experienced talent and technical experts, we ensure a more diversified R&D environment and innovation freedom. Walking hand in hand with its employees, Fibocom is always ready to share benefits and success.

What We Persist

Fibocom values its core strategy and competitiveness, rather than short-term profits. For the past 20 years, it has been staying true to its mission – to produce wireless communication modules and support the development of IoT. Much expertise and know how have been rewarded to the company along the journey.
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