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5G & LTE IoT Solutions for a Smarter Future | Fibocom

The 5G & LTE IoT solutions by Fibocom are set to change the world, empowering different industries with modules that fits all your innovative IoT scenarios.

The Narrowband IoT refers to a radio technology standard established by 3GPP to allow a broad range of cellular services and devices. In June 2016, the specification was frozen in 3GPP Release 13 (LTE Advanced Pro). Indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life, and high link density are all priorities for Narrowband IoT.

The NB-IoT standard is based on a subset of the LTE IoT standard, but the bandwidth is limited to a single narrow band of 200 kHz. For downlink communication, it uses OFDM modulation, and for uplink communication, it uses SC-FDMA. NB- LTE IoT, which operates on the permitted spectrum and has no service cycle restrictions, would be best suited to IoT applications that require more repeated communications.

A Broad View of Narrowband-Internet of Things

Narrowband IoT is identified as a standards-centric low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology developed to support an array of different IoT devices and services. NB-IoT improves user device power consumption, spectrum efficiency, and system capacity, especially in deep coverage of LTE IoT. For a wide variety of use cases, a battery life of more than ten years can be provided.

Extended coverage, rural and deep indoors, and ultra-low system sophistication are key requirements for new physical layer signals and channels. The Narrowband IoT modules are supposed to be comparable in price to GSM/GPRS modules at first. However, the core structure is much simpler than GSM/GPRS today, and its cost is expected to drop steadily as demand grows.

Narrowband IoT will coexist with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks but is only supported by all major mobile equipment, modem, and module manufacturers. It also takes advantage of many mobile networks' protection and privacy features, including support for user identity, privacy, user authentication, secrecy, data integrity, and mobile equipment recognition. The first commercial narrowband LTE IoT launches had taken place, with a global rollout planned in 2017/18.

Roll of NB-IoT/LTE-IoT for smart future

IoT application use cases will determine which connectivity enabler is best based on a variety of factors, including existing telecom networks (with Narrowband IoT and LTE IoT), standalone networks (SigFox and LoRa), static or mobility requirements, data transmission rate, latency, power usage, battery life, components like controllers and gateways, and eventually, the IoT application use cases.

The majority of IoT projects will use NB-IoT LPWAN because it will speed up deployments and be more cost-effective in capital expenditures and operating costs. Many telecommunication operators worldwide have deployed Narrowband IoT and LTE IoT due to their flexibility and the ability to incorporate OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates. 

Mobility, real-time data communication, and mission-critical applications are the use case scenarios for LTE-M. Smart Asset Tracking, Smart Transportation, Home Security, Wearable, patient monitoring, and other use cases are just a few examples. LTE-M has a latency of 50 to 100 milliseconds and a maximum data rate of 384 kbps. The maximum uplink/downlink bandwidth is 1 Mbps. When you need to fulfill user interface requirements for static and mobility situations, LTE-M is inactive. In comparison to Narrowband IoT, it also allows for higher data throughput.

We at Fibocom assist customers in identifying and exploiting global IoT opportunities. Thousands of industries have benefited from their 5G and narrowband IoT modules, as well as their unique Mobile computing and automotive LTE IoT solutions.


We Serve A Number of IoT Applications in Expanded Scenarios

We help customers to seek and seize global IoT opportunities. Our 5G and narrowband IoT modules, as well as our Mobile computing/automotive LTE IoT solutions, have empowered thousands of industries to realize IoT innovation.
  • 5G

    5G is Set to Change the Society
    5G stirs up the IoT industry and promises a high-speed experience beyond imagination. With 5G IoT technology, we are now able to apply data-intensive applications in various scenarios.
    5G FWA
    5G 融媒体.png
    5G+ Integrated Media
    Smart Grid
    Smart Manufacturing
    5G Cloud Game
    5G 云试衣镜.png
    5G Smart Dressing Mirror
  • Smart Energy

    For the Sustainable Use of Energy
    Smart energy is a typical scenario of narrowband IoT applications. Fibocom narrowband IoT solutions make all smart water, electricity, gas, heat meters perceptible, move their management online, and gain full control over their operation data.
    Solar PV System
    Smart Grid
    Smart Meter
  • Industrial IoT

    Smart Factory and Manufacturing
    By building broadband wireless modules in gateways, AGVs, HD surveillance cameras, etc. Fibocom empowers industries such as smart manufacturing, mining, oil-drilling ect.
    Smart Manufacturing
  • Public Security

    Security System Built on Connected Intelligence
    Combined with AI, big data and cloud computing technologies, Fibocom 5G and high-speed LTE IoT modules enable the collection, analysis and management of real-time surveillance images and data.
    IP Camera (IPC)
    AI Access
  • Smart Retail

    Better Consumer Experience, More Merchants Benefit...
    Fibocom intelligent modules allow high-speed 5G/LTE IoT connection for intelligent IoT applications, such as mobile payment devices, virtual dressing mirrors, digital advertising billboards, and unmanned vending machines.
    Smart POS
    Self-Service Vending Machine
    5G Cloud Dressing Mirror
  • Vehicle & Transportation

    Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Connections
    By ensuring seamless communication among people, vehicles, roads and the cloud, our 5G automotive IoT modules help gradually realize the evolution from assisted driving to autonomous driving.
  • ACPC

    5G-Driven Mobile Office
    Fibocom 5G IoT modules provide more high-speed and reliable wireless communication solutions for mobile devices such as ACPC and industrial-grade PDAs, for a more efficient mobile office.
    Always Connected PC
  • Connectivity Equipment

    Wireless Connection Everywhere
    Connectivity devices with built-in Fibocom wireless modules are widely used in high-speed 5G/LTE IoT applications.
    5G SD-WAN
    Indoor/ Outdoor Unit (IDU/ODU)
  • Smart Cities

    A More Sustainable City is Surely A Smart City
    Fibocom's 5G/LTE/Narrowband IoT modules allow the city to make use of innovative technology to enhance the effectiveness of city management, improve people's quality of living as well as the city's sustainability, efficiency and safety.
    Asset Tracking
    Smart Street Lamp
  • Smart Agriculture

    IoT Brings Smart Agriculture
    In combination of low power consumption narrowband IoT modules and high-speed, ultra-low latency 5G IoT modules, Fibocom assist farmers to remotely obtain data of plants and animals, and realize farm automation.
    Smart Agriculture
    Piloted Driving
    Warehouse Management
    Breeding Monitoring
    Product Traceability
    Farmland Monitoring
  • Home & Healthcare

    For smarter home and health management
    Internet of Things is a key component of Home Auto and Smart Homes. Fibocom offers a range of 5G/Narrowband/LTE/Wi-Fi IoT modules to turn wearables, home and medical equipment wireless, allowing us to live a healthier and smarter life.
    Smart Home
    Vital Signs Monitor
  • Smart Robot

    Fibocom's smart module integrates autonomous driving, machine vision, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and high-precision differential GPS positioning technology into one, providing a full-stack solution for the robotics industry.
    割草机器人 ICON.png
    Robotic Lawnmower
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