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Wang Shaohui: After boarding a high-speed train.

I have devoted myself into work for more than a year in Fibocom. Friends sometimes ask me whether I miss my previous job. My answer is "Absolutely No".


The fundamental reason I left the company I worked for was "too idle". As for me, excessive leisure makes me lazy. My biggest worry is seeing other people who are improving quickly but I still stand on the same place.


As a driver software engineer, I encounter different problems and face different challenges every day. I am very happy that I can learn a lot of new knowledge when solving problems, which also enrich myself and create my own value. Technologists always need to keep pace with the times. If you keep staying in the same place,it is like boiling a frog in warm water!

Although my current life is very busy, I have gained happiness, friends, and skills which cannot be bought with money. Therefore, I will still enthusiastically recommend friends around me to join the company, fight side by side with me,and grow with the company!


There is a saying on the Internet: Sometimes success is not because of one's extraordinary talents, but just just boarding on a high-speed train by chance.I feel very fortunate that I have come to the platform of Fibocom, so that I can fully devoted once when I am young!

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