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Cai qin: My 500 days at Fibocom

In November of 2018, I joined Fibocom from the company I had been with for 11 years. I was a little nervous at first.


In my previous company, I knew all of my colleagues, and participated in every major process and system change of the company, but in Fibocom, a completely unfamiliar environment, everything went to zero.


But soon my worries were dispelled, because my main job was the PLM project inhere. In my previous company, I was responsible for the implementation of the PLM system (Product Life cycle Management) too.


As one of the most important projects in 2019, the company gave strong support to the PLM project: led by the President’s Office, hired an external professional IPD consultant team to reform the company’s process; formed an efficient team,each module has a backbone Process Owner; which laid a good foundation for the implementation of PLM projects.


At the end of December 19, the PLM project went live as scheduled with the joint efforts of all the team members. Through the PLM project, the strange faces gradually become familiar. By now, I know where most people sit exactly. Through PLM, I have gained new friends, I am familiar with the module project management process, and have learned many new terms "block chain" and"5G holographic Projection"...In the next 500 days, 5000 days, I am willing to grow up with Fibocom together.


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