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Jenny: Not afraid of change,just do it!

Jenny,who has more than 10 years of banking experience, turned around and joined Fibocom in 2 years before.

Onthe way to career development, Jenny's "tight turn" shocked everyone around her. Even when she came to Fibocom for an interview, recruiters were curious: "You are experienced in banking, why do you want to come to a technology company?" Other recruiters also worry that: "You are unfamiliar with technology. It will be more difficult for you to make achievements. You need to think about your future development."

Jenny already has the answer in her heart. Although it is a shift of working field,she has 17 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, regardless of culture or experience in the future, she will not lose. In addition, two exchanges with Peter, the head of the sales department of the PC industry, made her understand this unknown territories and gave this future supervisors a lot of acceptance and trust; after seeing the company's development milestones posted on the wall of the office, the words that throbbed in her mind were: technology, entrepreneurship, simplicity,youth, vigor... Finally, it is condensed into four words: To challenge the change!This may be a change in emotions after staying in a big company for a longtime, or it may be the curiosity and desire of explore new things in nature. No matter what, she felt that something in her heart was touched, and she wanted to come here to start her new career.

After joining Fibocom, Jenny has been very diligent in meeting customers. In order to improve the speed of responding to customers and the quality of service, she developed PM-related knowledge training for sales and R&D colleagues; she also shared《 "QBR" with sales in China and overseas. - "Way to connect with customer" (quarterly business meeting) howto proceed; when the purchasing colleagues have meetings with foreign suppliers, she enthusiastically assists in on-site English translation, helps to reply to suppliers’ English emails, purchases data that replies to customers,and readjusts the form. She is more professional and more in line with customer thinking. Amy, who has worked in the company for more than ten years, talked about her and said with a smile: "She likes to get to the bottom of the question and ask clearly where the problem is. Her work not only goes deep into the procurement department, but also goes deep into our suppliers. The suppliers always call her directly”.

Thinking more, giving more, and taking a step forward. Jenny thinks a sales should do.Helping others is also helping yourself. The last page of her PPT often says"Together we WIN!"
“To be a professional worker and professional player who is shinning all the time. You should bring people surprise no matter how old are you and where are you from. In this way, your clients and friends will love you more.”She gave this sentence not only to herself, but also to everyone.

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