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Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe LTE Modules are Certified by T-Mobile USA

Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe LTE Modules are Certified by T-Mobile USA

Shenzhen China – April 13th 2020 - Fibocom(Stock Code: 300638), a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), to announce its 4G module NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe is certified by T-Mobile USA, the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States, which has completed the acquisition of Sprint recently.

The approval signifies that Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe LTE modules can now provide wireless connection services under T-Mobile’s network, which is an important achievement of the product's entry into the US market.

Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe is 4G wireless communication module with LCC + LGA, and MiniPCIe form factor. Both of the above 4G MiniPCIe module series support LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA modes in 10 frequency bands, as well as hybrid FDD/TDD LTE networks, with a downlink rate up to Cat 4 150Mbps and an uplink rate 50Mbps. Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe LTE series modules can be used in industrial routing, security, Internet of Vehicles and shared economy industries.

NL 668-AM and NL668-AM MiniPCIe LTE modules are one of the variants of Fibocom NL668 series, which provides global services covering Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, Japan, and China. The 4G MiniPCIe modules are designed and tested for industrial temperature (-30°C to +75°C) operation.

Check certification information via link:

We are proud to provide the “Meet Industry-Standard” LTE Cat 4 module supporting diversified features. Now with the T-Mobile USA and AT&T approvals, Fibocom NL668 and NL668 MiniPCIe module is available to provide fast and reliable data transmission services to our IoT customers immediately, which will significantly help our customers to achieve faster time to the local market and reduce the overall costs of their IoT projects.” said by Fibocom spokesman.

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