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Product Solution Manager(LPWA MBB 5G Android intelligence,Four directions) share
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Business Development Department ∣ 2020/06/28 ∣ College and above

Job responsibilities:

1. Formulate and implement the promotion strategy and development plan of the products in charge, and achieve the performance objectives of the products in charge;

2. Combined with the product portfolio, output solutions that meet the needs of the industry and customers;

3. Output GTM materials of new products, support sales to promote top customers' key projects, coordinate resources and ensure the smooth completion of projects;

4. Pay attention to and collect market demand, output product Market Research Report and product demand research table.

Job requirements:

1. Understand the market structure of wireless communication technology and upstream communication / AP chip;

2. Understand the Internet of things industry applicable to the products in charge;

3. Science and engineering major, full-time bachelor degree or above, 25-35 years old, experience in marketing, technical support, product management is preferred;

4. Strong communication and coordination ability, strong self-study ability and self driving force.

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