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MBB hardware department I ∣ 2020/06/28 ∣ College and above

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the internal process construction, team capacity building, resource allocation, efficiency improvement and performance evaluation of R & D RF department;

2. Coordinate and communicate the work of different departments. Daily management, responsible for the performance of the Department;

3. Cooperate with PDT team to promote the development of projects and products, and be responsible for the hardware delivery of product development.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, electrical automation, computer, electromechanical and other related majors;

2. More than 5 years of Hardware RF development experience in communication industry;

3. Familiar with LTE WCDMA GSM development experience, 5g experience is preferred;

4. Be familiar with the R & D and design process of modules or communication products, and have profound professional basic knowledge;

5. The level of department manager is more than 1 year.

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