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Creating the Future of Global Connectivity Solutions with 5G FWA

Nov 15.2022

Global investment into wide-scale network connectivity has been growing in recent years, from smart cities and factories to last mile service provision in hard-to-reach locations. Increasingly, service providers and governments are also aiming to close the digital divide by providing access to high-speed, reliable data services across a variety of contexts.

One of the key challenges with realizing this vision is the difficulty of building out physical wireline infrastructure. Laying fiber is often a costly and time-intensive process. In many instances, the business case for providing wide-scale connectivity
to certain areas is also lacking, which means that service providers have little
incentive to create infrastructure in those areas. A promising solution to this issue is
to provide network connectivity through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

Download Fibocom's whitepaper to learn how 5G module brings seamless, reliable and secure connectivity to 5G FWA.

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