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Leading the 5G IoT Race: Key Industry Insights Series - Asset Tracking

Mar 18.2024
Logistics is about the safe transportation of goods to customers across the world. This entails tracking goods from production, storage (such as warehouses), through delivery and receipt by the customer. As a result, asset tracking is at the heart of modern life. Suppliers increasingly need to know where their assets are at all times and its conditions, since late delivery may hold up further supply chain processing by partners.

Asset tracking is growing rapidly, but addressing key concern:
  • Cargo Theft: Tracking solutions are essential for preventing theft, especially of high-value goods, by enabling door-to-door tracking and alerts for unauthorized events such as opening container doors while in transit, or temperature variations of the cargo.
  • Cost and Battery Life: Lower hardware costs have broadened the application of real-time tracking, but low cost and long battery life in devices is still a high requirement.
  • Coverage Limitations: While cellular technology (2G/3G/4G) offers sufficient performance in terms of area coverage, network latency, and data bandwidth, its coverage at sea and in rural areas is limited.
  • Device Durability: For long-haul sea transports, tracking devices need to be durable. For example, the tracking device includes a humidity sensor, and a higher IP classification (IP67), making it suitable for long-haul transport on sea and rail.
Read the report and you’ll discover how Fibocom's eases the concerns by adopting a series innovative technologies in the design of its modules.
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