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Explore the position of LPWA module after 2/3G Sunset

Explore Fibocom's LPWA module solutions in our comprehensive whitepaper. Learn how LPWA technology is taking over the IoT landscape after 2/3G phase out. Download now!

The retirement of 2/3G networks marks a significant shift in the IoT landscape, necessitating mature alternative technologies to meet the evolving needs of low and mid-speed IoT applications. LTE Cat-1, a proven LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) module, emerges as the preferred choice in the wake of the 2/3G phase-out. Let's delve deeper into the functionality, advantages, and applications of LPWA modules in this new era.

LPWA Module Functionality

LPWA modules, including LTE Cat-1, offer a range of functionalities tailored to IoT requirements:

Low Power Consumption: LPWA modules are designed for energy efficiency, allowing IoT devices to operate for extended periods without frequent battery replacements. This makes them ideal for remote or battery-powered applications.

Comprehensive Area Coverage: LPWA technology provides broad coverage, ensuring connectivity in remote or rural areas where traditional cellular networks may have limitations.

Cost-Effective: LPWA modules offer a cost-effective IoT deployment solution, minimizing initial setup costs and ongoing operational expenses.

Reliability: These modules are known for their reliability, ensuring stable and consistent data transmission even in challenging environments.

Advantages of LPWA Modules

Now, let's explore the advantages that LPWA modules bring to the table:

Migration Path: LPWA modules offer a smooth migration path for IoT applications transitioning from 2/3G networks. They provide a seamless upgrade without the need for significant infrastructure changes.

Extended Network Lifespan: LPWA technology extends the lifespan of IoT networks, ensuring long-term connectivity and support for various IoT use cases.

Diverse Applications: LPWA modules are versatile and find applications across industries such as agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, and logistics. They support various IoT devices, from smart meters to asset trackers.

Low Maintenance: With LPWA modules, IoT deployments require minimal maintenance, reducing operational complexities and costs.

Applications of LPWA Modules

LPWA modules are being deployed in a wide range of IoT applications, including:

Smart Agriculture: LPWA modules enable precision agriculture by connecting sensors for soil moisture, weather monitoring, and crop management.

Intelligent Cities: LPWA technology is pivotal in creating connected urban environments and facilitating bright lighting, waste management, and traffic control systems.

Healthcare: LPWA modules support remote patient monitoring, ensuring timely data transmission of vital signs and health parameters.

Logistics and Asset Tracking: LPWA modules are integral to tracking assets and optimizing supply chain operations.

Environmental Monitoring: LPWA technology monitors ecological parameters such as air quality, water quality, and wildlife tracking.

As the IoT landscape evolves, LPWA modules emerge as a crucial enabler, offering the functionality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability needed to support various applications. Download our whitepaper to explore how Fibocom's LPWA module solutions can empower your IoT projects in the post-2/3G era.


LTE Cat-1 and its Position in the 2G/3G Sunset

Sep 06.2022

The retirement of 2/3G networks requires mature alternative technologies to meet the development needs of low and mid-speed IoT applications. LTE Cat-1 is the preferred alternative option for IoT scenarios balancing between the consideration of both wireless performance and migration cost.

Download Fibocom's white paper now to learn about LTE Cat-1 and its position in the inevitable 2/3G sunset.

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