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How High Precision GNSS Improves Outdoor Positioning on the Move

Upload date: 2022-03-31

In the IoT era, positioning is an important foundation for achieving the Internet of Everything. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is a widely recognized technology that can track and locate people, animals, assets, vehicles, etc., which includes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and more.

GNSS offers real-time positioning with precision down to the meter, which other positioning technologies haven’t accomplished. The system enables users to know their exact outdoor location while on the move.

From C-V2X, sharing economy to smart logistics and more, none of this would be possible without the help of GNSS. As the IoT market continues to expand, the demands and importance of real-time and high precision positioning provided by GNSS are believed to increase as well.

Let's take a look at some mobile scenarios where GNSS is making great impact.

  • Intelligent Transportation

GNSS is crucial for the development of intelligent transportation, providing critical, accurate information not only for navigation, but also the realization of C-V2X and even autonomous driving.

For example, Real-time kinematic (RTK), one of the key technologies of GNSS, can help to solve the positioning error problem in C-V2X scenario, to achieve high precision dynamic relative positioning. Through wireless communication modules, the corrected data will be transmitted to the terminals, i.e. the vehicle and the roadside units.

In addition, the popularity of electric vehicles has been growing due to increasing environmental pollution concerns, thereby increasing the demand for intelligent charging stations dedicated to EVs. By utilizing GNSS technology, drivers are able to locate the nearest charging pile to them with an App.

  • Sharing Economy

We are no stranger to sharing economy now. It gives consumers a way to participate in more activities in a more sustainable way. Technologies have contributed to the growth of sharing economy, one of which is GNSS.

For example, there is a growing popularity of shared mobility solutions for short-distance urban travel. With the help of GNSS, users are able to find out the location and distance of the nearest bike to them to achieve accurate car use and return. Company can track a user’s routes and speed, obtain information regarding distance travelled and altitude variations, and identify the mode of transportation used.

  • Asset Tracking

GNSS positioning technology enables items to be tracked throughout the global supply chain. From raw material, inventory, pet tracking to fleet management, enterprises can prevent loss or theft, monitor the safety and status of cargos, and even streamline operations.

Companies need to manage and track their assets remotely in real time and be alerted when that asset moves. With GNSS in place, asset tracking devices transmit location information via satellite signals, which can reach most outdoor areas. It enables global positioning accuracy that many consumers and use cases expect.

High-precision GNSS positioning has become a technology that empowers various IoT scenarios across multiple industries. It comes with fast response and high accuracy, as well as reliable stability. As opportunities for innovation emerge, IoT industry should keep up with evolving technologies to meet the fast-changing requirements of the marketplace.

Fibocom, standing at the forefront of IoT product development, has developed a wide range of wireless communication modules supporting multi-constellation GNSS for high-performance positioning and navigation. By combining enhanced network capability, speed, and embedded intelligence within our module solutions, we help businesses better realize their vision of digital transformation with the most advanced technologies.

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