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It is estimated that about 20% of 5G application is used in the consumer electronics such as cell phone, wearable devices, and 80% is dedicated in the Internet of Things(IoT), especially the Industrial IoT(IIoT) such as manufacturing industries, supply chain management,oil and gas field, mining inspection, etc. 5G has become the key enabler to drive the digital transformation with its high bandwidth, ultra-reliable low latency, massive machine-type communications by solving the emerging connectivity requirements of mass IoT devices, providing high reliable network environments, and offering preventive maintenance for critical equipment in manufacturing factories, upgrading the levels of wireless connectivity unprecedentedly.

However, the adoption of 5G wireless solutions and services at a large scale can be costly at the early stage of the deployment. And what could be the most suitable 5G practice for your IoT project? As the leading global provider of 5G key components – 5G module in the industry chain, Fibocom has invited our industry partners to “Unlock the Best Practice in 5G Verticals for Industry Users”.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How Innovation in the Communications Sector is Driving Digital Transformation
  • Industrial 5G. For the Industry of Tomorrow
  • Fibocom’s Enablement in Verticals
  • Securing the Success in IIoT Commercialization

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  • Jeremy_Cowan.6.IoT_Now.6.16.web.jpg
    Jeremy Cowan

    Editorial Director & Founder, VanillaPlus & IoT Now

  • Ken.jpg
    Ken Figueredo

    More with Mobile
    Strategy and business innovation for companies in Digital, M2M/IoT and IoM markets

  • Sander Rotmensen-profile.jpg
    Sander Rotmensen

    Siemens AG – Digital Industries
    Director of Industrial Wireless Communication

  • Amy DeBuysere.jpg
    Amy DeBuysere

    VP Business Development

  • Jeroen Baerents.jpg
    Jeroen Baerents

    Advantech EIOT Europe
    Product Sales Manager


00:00-00:05Welcome & OpeningJeremy CowanEditorial Director & Founder, VanillaPlus & IoT Now
00:05-00:20How Innovation in the Communications Sector is Driving Digital TransformationKen FigueredoStrategy and business innovation for companies in Digital, M2M/IoT and IoM markets
00:20-00:35Industrial 5G. For the industry of tomorrowSander RotmensenDirector Industrial Wireless Communication, Siemens AG - Digital Industries
00:35-00:45Fibocom’s Enablement in VerticalsAmy DeBuysereVP Business Development at Fibocom
00:45-00:60Securing the Success in IIoT CommercializationJeroen BaerentsProduct Sales Manager, Advantech EIOT Europe
00:60-00:70Q&AJeremy CowanEditorial Director & Founder, VanillaPlus & IoT Now
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