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Over the past ten years, cloud games are slow in development due to technology and cost constraints. With the construction and application of 5G networks, 5G cloud games are becoming a hit. 5G cloud gaming is no longer a new thing. It refers to games powered by cloud computing and 5G high-speed networks. All cloud games run on the server side, and complex rendering and logical operations are completed through supercomputers on cloud and transmitted to personal devices via 5G high-speed wireless networks. Since 5G networks feature high bandwidth and low latency, as well as the ability to transmit 4K videos, it can deliver a superior gaming experience.

1. Game devices are expensive. In the past, if one wanted to play 3A games, they had to spend at least RMB 10,000;

2. Games such as battle, shooting, and online multiplayer competitions are demanding on latency, since they require players to output real-time responses to the "experiences" in the game. Long delays can greatly damage the game experience;

3. The typical games in the 4G era cannot meet the requirements of players for ultra-HD videos and VR panoramic videos. As videos are stored in hardware and played locally, synchronization is impossible. To enable cloud games with high-quality 4K video transmission at 60fps, a transmission rate of 30-35Mbps is required, which inevitably demands cloud computers to have stronger video processing capabilities. And multiplayer games have even higher requirements for this.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Fibocom 5G modules are built into cloud game displays to provide gamers with a high-speed and seamless online experience.

  • 5G cloud games are designed to move players' game operations to cloud supercomputers, relieving players from hardware limitations, so that they can play games without high-performance devices. Besides saving high costs on hardware configuration, they do not have to worry about the costly equipment may aging after several years. All a player needs is a basic device – a laptop, or even a mobile phone/ tablet.
  • 5G cloud games are free from time and space restrictions, since their terminal can be a computer, an internet-capable television, or a mobile phone. Players can access games on the road, in a train, in a subway car – any mobile scene you can think of.
  • 5G cloud games allow players to try games more conveniently. Without the need to spend hours downloading and installing, they can directly launch a game at the cloud side for a quick trial. Moreover, for online game players, cloud games can effectively curb cheating behaviors (since the game does not run in the computer of an individual player, it is difficult for the player to install plug-ins), which ensures a fairer and better gaming experience.

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