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How can a modern “distributed” business with branch offices ensure efficient collaboration between the head office and branches, inject higher scalability and flexibility into operations, and create more value? Enterprises using traditional networking solutions are faced with great limitations:

1. If the Internet is used, online tools such as DingTalk, WeChat Work, etc., data security is compromised despite the convenience;

2. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) provided by an operator is usually expensive, together with a long deployment cycle and complex operations and maintenance.

SD-WAN is short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. SDN-WAN is a specific application of Software Defined Network (SDN). It is applied to WAN to connect business networks, including branch offices, data centers, and cloud, for the maximum coverage of wide area networks.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

5G SD-WAN supports wireless access and features ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and massive connections, making it suitable for most business scenarios. As the entry point to 5G networks, 5G SD-WAN accelerates the deployment of private lines and private networks, and industrial applications.

5G, with the ability to slice networks, can identify and classify business traffic when combined with SD-WAN, then intelligently select routes according to the traffic category. For example, online traffic is routed to the Internet slice, cloud traffic to the cloud slice for higher quality, and production business to the company's private slice to avoid unauthorized disclosure. It helps companies to centrally manage networks and configure traffic resources more flexibly.

WAN edge infrastructure can be reshaped to integrate abundant edge features such as routing, security, and WAN optimization, reduce the complexity of branch services deployment, and provide enterprises with a better branch connectivity experience for higher work efficiency.

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