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Media Convergence Fueled by Fibocom’s 5G Cellular Modules

Media convergence is a combination of different types of mass media, such as Traditional Media, Print Media, Broadcast Media, New Media and the Internet, which has changed the ways of interaction and relationship between the consumers and producers of media. The most common example of media convergence is smartphone, which combines print (e-books, news apps), broadcast (streaming websites, radio, music apps), and new media (the internet) into a single interface that performs a variety of functions, ranging from calling and messaging to photography, videography, gaming, and so on.

In the era of media convergence, video has become the main expression of information, while short videos and live broadcast have become the norm. However, there are several issues that need to be addressed. Firstly, live streaming for big live events such as sport games, concerts is needed anywhere and anytime, while traditional terrestrial broadcast system, which usually goes with vast, static transmission areas, is unable to meet this growing demand.

Secondly, when watching live events or performances, high definition and higher precision are required to make the transmission more accurate and effective, and the combination of 3Cs, namely, Communication, Computing and Content in media convergence generates an extremely large amount of data, which need massive data transfer capacity. Fortunately, the development and maturity of 5G has been promoting deeper media convergence.

5G + Media Convergence

As converged media involves the production and distribution of content, 5G technology, which features URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication), mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) and eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), further speeds up information dissemination and becomes the accelerator of media convergence.

Allowing high integrity and extensive connections, 5G makes high-speed and large-capacity data transmission with low latency conceivable. It also helps facilitate more diverse data sources and more targeted information dissemination. With high bandwidth and low latency, 5G smooths the way for mobile, high definition and real-time live streaming.

The advent of the 5G era has profoundly affected news production and dissemination, promoting a new wave of digital revolution. In this context, the media industry should actively grasp new opportunities, fully utilize 5G technology for improving dissemination and advance media convergence.

Fibocom 5G Cellular modules Empowering Media Convergence Application

Fibocom 5G cellular module empowers the renovation of the media ecosystem, especially in the 4K/8K HD live streaming industry, intensifying the trend of intelligent, mobile and embodied communication. Embedded in 5G video encoder, Fibocom 5G cellular module helps 4K/8K high-definition data to be clustered with edge computing devices, allowing audiences to realize real-time viewing, self-directed playback as well as switching by downloading relevant APPs. Designed with industry-leading 2T4R antenna featuring 2*2 MIMO that is about twice the uplink rate of 1T4R, Fibocom’s cellular modules have been used to provide stable wireless connections for 5G video communication terminals.

Fibocom 5G cellular modules are designed to offer faster transmission speed, better-carrying capacity, and lower network latency. Supporting 5G standalone network (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architectures, Fibocom 5G cellular module supports the Sub-6GHz and mmwave bands, and is compatible with 5G NR, LTE and WCDMA standards, which eliminates customers' investment concerns at the initial stage of 5G construction and responds to the commercial demand for rapid landing. Besides, Fibocom 5G cellular module comes with a rich set of interfaces including USB3.1 (3.0), USB2.0, PCIe3.0 (2.0), SPI, SDIO, GPIO, UART, etc., certified by various regional operators, industry associations and local regulation, satisfying different deployment requirements for customers worldwide.

Fibocom’s 5G cellular modules have already been applied in various scenarios like 4K/8K HD live streaming, cloud office, Industry IoT, C-V2X, smart grid, smart security and other innovative applications, such as 5G mobile network PC, 5G HD video communication terminals, 5G electric power terminals, 5G connected devices and systems (wireless gateways, routers, CPE, SD-WAN), 5G smart dressing mirrors, 5G drones, 5G robots, 5G AR/VR, 5G cloud gaming terminals, 5G HD digital signage, and more.

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