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Since its birth, smart cities have been shouldering the mission of optimizing city management and services, improving residents' livelihood, and ensuring efficient resource utilization. Technologies such as IoT, big data, and cloud computing, while gaining maturity, are building up neutral systems and brains for smart cities. With quantities and high density coverage, smart street lamps are the natural structures to house sensors and collect networked information, making them an important entry point to the concept of smart cities.

Most traditional street lamp lighting systems rely on manual labor to adjust lighting parameters. As the cost of power consumption has remained high, it has become a concern that energy management departments need to solve urgently. For traditional lamps, maintenance is relatively passive, since it is difficult for operators to proactively know which lamp is malfunctioning and its location. They often depend on passers-by and residents to report and then arrange replacement, which is slow in response.

A smart street lamp system uses sensors installed on light poles to collect front-end data, and connect street lamps by applying power line carrier technology and NB-IoT technology, so as to weave an "urban Internet of things". The data collected will then be submitted to the back-end for remote and centralized control and management.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Fibocom NB-IoT wireless modules are built into the NB-IoT controllers of smart street lamps

Tailored for traffic flow, time, weather and other conditions, intelligent street lights offer functions such as automatic brightness adjustment, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, and have anti-theft functions. Hence, they can save power resources, improve public lighting management, and save maintenance costs.

  • Efficient control over energy consumption and great reduction in energy consumption.

  • Automatic brightness adjustment and remote lighting control depending on traffic flows; and active fault alarms.

  • Maintenance personnel can know whether street lamps need to be repaired or replaced, or control the brightness of each street lamp for higher energy efficiency via a mobile device.

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