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With the advancement of the IoT technology, smart homes are gaining popularity in China. After rapid growth in recent years, IoT has penetrated all aspects of life. Besides the connectivity of all things, the technology also brings about human-machine interconnection and remote monitoring. As smart home systems keep improving and reaching maturity, they are also subtly changing user behaviors. Everyone has access to more convenience and a better life brought about by technology. To make homes smart, connection to networks is a prerequisite. However, the intelligence of homes goes beyond the acquisition of status and data from IoT sensors, home appliances and accessories. What matters more is the ability to communicate with home appliances through AI algorithms and control and remotely monitor them in real time. Fibocom intelligent modules allow for countless and wireless possibilities in smart homes.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Smart Refrigerator

Fibocom’s smart module SS826 supports 1080P HD video transmission. Through built-in IP cameras, it can monitor the objects stored in real time. In this case, while a user is purchasing in a supermarket, he or she can remotely see what is inside the refrigerator to avoid unnecessary expenditures and waste. When vegetables and fruits are stored for too long, the user can be reminded to make timely disposals; when the refrigerator door is not closed properly, prompts can also be sent.

Floor Mopping Robot

Through built-in sensors and cameras, floor mopping robots are able to draw household maps. After connecting them with a smartphone, users can freely choose cleaning modes, such as complete cleaning, partial cleaning, or special area cleaning; they can also control the robots by sending voice commands. Users can also check the cleaning progress on a third-party app where cleaned areas are marked. In this way, cleaning is also possible when users are away for work, making it unnecessary to spend their spare time at home cleaning.

Baby Monitor

As parents pay increasing attention to the growth of their children in the early life stage, they have to invest more time and energy in babysitting. However, under the pressure of fast-paced life and work, they often feel less motivated. Baby monitors are designed to offer help with four functions: real-time audio, real-time visuals, temperature/ humidity monitoring, and danger warnings. Unlike ordinary video surveillance, baby monitors have to be enabled with a voice function and are demanding on video resolution so that parents can have constant access to babies’ movements. Fibocom’s smart module SS826 features an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor, and is integrated with a high-performance graphics engine, allowing1080P videos to play smoothly. Its adaptability to multi-channel camera input also makes it an ideal real-time monitoring solution for parents as well.

IoT Sensors

IoT sensors module is a typical scenario of narrowband communication. Fibocom's narrowband communication modules can be applied in IoT sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters remotely, work with lighting systems, air conditioners to provide the most comfortable living environment or be integrated into fire alarm systems to detect safety risks. IoT sensors with wireless modules can share collected data to users’ smartphones, alert users when risky activity detected and be controlled remotely, allowing people to leave home for work without worries. To be widely applied in smart home applications, IoT sensor modules must be cost-effective and have long battery life. Fibocom offers a variety of IoT sensor applicable modules such as its N510 series, narrowband IoT module, to allow IoT sensors to operate with ultra-low power consumption, making smart home applications more intelligent and efficient but economic.

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