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The arrival of IoT is subtly changing every aspect of people's lives, including shopping. Traditional clothes fitting and shopping can no longer keep up with ever-changing consumer habits. Along with the development of IoT, the traditional business model has undergone tremendous changes. Haier’s is an IoT-driven intelligent solution that covers the entire life cycle of clothing purchase, providing users with the best experience in washing, caring, storing, matching and purchasing clothes. In response to different user demands in different scenarios, offers tailored washing and clothing care suggestions. Together with smart washing machines, smart wardrobes, and smart dressing mirrors equipped with clothing recognition functions can deliver holistic butler services that cover washing, caring, storing, and matching of clothes.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Fibocom 5G modules are built into the cameras on Haier’s smart dressing mirrors, so that the human body data collected by the smart cameras and the analysis data generated are rapidly uploaded to the cloud where massive clothes are stored. Upon analysis by the system, the best choice instantly matched for the user will be sent for display. This innovative application relies on the express and stable wireless connection enabled by Fibocom 5G modules. It solves the limited space in clothing stores and saves the trouble of frequent fitting. With connection to user profiles, it can also launch targeted promotion for added advertising income.

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