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Smart POS is growing from payment tools to integrated merchant service platforms engaged in "payment access + data collection + operation management + financial services". Smart PO devices are positioned in the middle of the internet-based e-payment industrial chain and play a key role in connecting upstream and downstream by absorbing merchant traffic and providing quality services. Upstream, it can join hands with third-py software developers to promote stores; downstream, it serves as a payment portal for acquirers, UnionPay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc., and boosts added value for merchants through operations data analysis, membership marketing and management, and the provision of financial services.

Smart POS is expected to replace traditional POS at a higher speed. With its rise, POS machine manufacturers will have access to a greatly expanded playing field, together with all players along the industry chain. The machines themselves are also positioned to join in terminal transactions, with data and value-added service capabilities, thus gaining greater bargaining power. With their business scopes gradually expanded to transaction commissions and value-added services, POS can extend their own business chain and develop closed-loop solutions through broad business partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

The combination of smart payment devices with built-in Fibocom intelligent modules and SaaS drives "new retail" and smart operation.
  • The core of new retail is to dig deep into the value of capital flow, commodity flow, and information flow. As retail rapidly goes digital, business activities are connected to the continuously updated mass data, pushing the boundaries of new retail.
  • As the key node of capital flow in new retail, acquisitions and payments are expected to keep becoming smarter. Taking mobile payment as a port, and through online-offline integrated operations, they will be the first to start the battle of new retail.
  • The essence of mobile payment plus new retail is the improvement of supply chain efficiency. Centered on cost, efficiency, and experience, mobile payments help enhance enterprises and customers at different levels, and cut businesses’ costs on customer acquisition and operation.
  • SaaS-powered smart payment supports the application of smart operations at the retail end. As smart payment terminals keep penetrating the retail industry, the entire new retail sector is covered by data from payment to consumption and smart marketing.
  • Digital platforms are reshaping traditional retail service models. Based on digital platforms, retail brands will build their own database systems, while the retail stores within each system are interconnected and interoperable, which makes inventory replenishment and other jobs more convenient.
  • Multi-dimensional data is provided by the connection between stores. With data obtained, owners of smart payment terminals can apply big data analysis to store management, membership analysis, marketing services and many other businesses via an online cloud platform.

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