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The future of manufacturing automation lies in intelligence. However, traditional network transmission cannot meet the requirements for end-to-end low latency, high stability and reliability needed in factories. Manufacturing lines usually consist of many work flows, and processes involving videos – such as HD video surveillance, machine vision, and the promotion of AR/ VR applications that are currently limited due to communication methods and capabilities – require mobility and bandwidth.

Consequential challenges include complex network structures; high costs of wiring, operation and maintenance; and insufficient security management capabilities.

In mobile data collection scenarios, it is usually impossible or inconvenient to deploy cables, especially when it is related to old workshop transformation or handheld, mobile and rotating devices because it is both expensive and difficult.

As for industrial control, the production line adjustment and deployment cycles are usually long, and it is unfeasible to control indoor AGVs and other mobile devices with cables. Traditional AGV paths are fixed, making it unsuitable for flexible production and scheduling. AGVs operating under the model of local computing and stand-alone intelligent perception are expensive and management scheduling is complex. The transformation of AGVs with the conventional Lidar/ Visual SLAM is costly as well.

Large manufacturers usually come with high requirements for network security, concentrated business, and a complicated physical environment. Wired and wireless private networks are insufficient to meet communication needs.

Wi-Fi deployed throughout the factory might cause interference, making it hard to locate faults. Mobility and switching continuity are absent as well.

Material turnover is essential. The existing shortcomings of manual forklifts include high costs, low efficiency and hidden safety hazards. In addition, the tracking and traceability of materials is not supported across the entire production process.

There is an urgent need for networks featuring high bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and simple deployment, to support connected and intelligent operations in a variety of smart manufacturing scenarios. They can also boost production and reduce consumption for manufacturers.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Integrated into intelligent industrial gateways, CPE, and ultra-HD video communication devices, Fibocom 5G modules enable intelligent production applications such as AGVs/ IGVs, ultra-HD video surveillance, ultra-HD quality inspection, and data collection by industrial meters.

  • Continuous mobility: Embedded 5G solutions, compared to wired ones, are free from problems such as difficulties in wiring fixed networks and the high costs of renovation and maintenance. By providing ubiquitous wireless coverage for industrial parks, embedded 5G solutions can meet the requirements for continuous mobile connectivity.
  • Large uplink bandwidth: AGVs integrated with multiple HD cameras require an uplink bandwidth of up to 20-50Mbps, and 5G can offer highly reliable communication and large uplink bandwidth.
  • Low latency: 5G communication modules ensure low latency end-to-end communication through MEC platforms. 60ms delay is sufficient to meet AGVs’ requirements for real-time image processing.
  • Data security: Fibocom 5G modules help keep enterprise data within the industrial park by establishing virtual private networks with SD-WAN devices.
  • Material traceability: Fibocom 5G modules can be integrated with blockchain technology to support tracking and traceability of materials, and quality control.
  • Lower cost and higher efficiency: Fibocom 5G modules, by enabling unmanned operations, are effective in addressing low efficiencies caused by high-risk operating environments, tri-shift operations, and operating environments with noise, dust, and high temperatures.

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