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IoT smart meters are designed for modern convenience. With low power consumption and long service life, smart meters are your choice for reading water and gas.

Fibcom offers high-quality and reliable IoT smart meters for a better future 

IoT smart meters have become a necessity nowadays to monitor different types of resource consumption. Fibcom offers high-quality smart meters for convenient and efficient monitoring.

Several organizations and sectors are stepping forward to accept the working process of smart meters. These monitoring machines are made with high-quality network processors for accurate and precise calculations. As they are connected through the internet, they come with several other benefits as well. The primary necessity for utilizing these smart meters is a fast, lag-free and efficient internet network that can handle a good amount of data at a time and offer no delay in data transmission. Nowadays, energy management has become a topic of consideration, and as a leading equipment of energy management system across the globe, IoT smart meters monitor power consumption based on real-life scenarios. 

What are the advantages of an IoT smart meter? 

This smart meter sends usage data automatically to the supplier, which makes the whole process more efficient and easier. It helps suppliers to avoid missing a date or getting confused between numbers, along with reducing the risk of massacres.

These smart meters are more accurate and precise when calculating cost, and they also provide previously unavailable transparency in the energy usage sector that was not possible by using other technologies.

It helps organizations and sectors to reduce their cost by pointing out the wastage points.

Not only the big organizations and corporate sectors, but it is a revolutionary invention that offers benefits to households as well. By using these smart meters, they can track their real-time consumption and identify the waste points to control the spent and reduce the cost.

It plays a big role in building an information-rich strategy on power consumption. It also can build flexible pricing models based on power usage and power load-related data.

IoT smart meters help energy suppliers to manage their systems more efficiently by balancing the load on them. It also offers better safety and stability. It is also able to detect any anomalies in the operation of electric appliances.

For environmentalists, it helps develop data-driven prevention measurements to prevent energy waste.

The precise calculations and reports of these smart meters help the energy-providing companies offer their customers clean energy in the overall energy volume. This improved quality of energy is the base of the future as, without proper energy supply, even science will slow down.

IoT smart meters are the one-stop solutions for energy-related data and reports. Also, these are used for analyzing those reports as well.  Companies and organizations, along with energy enthusiasts, are enhancing the quality of energy supply by preventing any kind of energy wastage as we all know that there are many energy sources that are not replaceable, and it is high time that we start preventing wastage and use only the clean energy for saving energy sources for our next generations.

Get high-quality IoT smart meters at Fibcom

Being a leading global supplier of wireless communication modules, we aim to contribute to the future of energy supply chains and network-oriented technology. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team members have developed smart meters for modern convenience. These IoT smart meters come with low power consumption and long service life. Along with providing you with the most accurate and precise energy-related data, these smart meters offer wide and deep coverage along with strong signals. 

These are perfect for this advanced era and efficient enough to match the advanced requirements. Contact us today for further discussions.


The Industry

In China, the charging of utility services is dominated by manual meter reading or prepayment. The shortcoming of the traditional approach lies in the difficulty in meter reading, charging, supervision and payment. With the rapid development of China's housing industry, and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demands for energy measurement and management, as well as building intelligence are rising. By improving management and enabling remote meter reading, IoT-driven smart meters can greatly reduce the waste of human resources, especially in special times – for example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, they can effectively avoid contact infection.

Fibocom Wireless Solutions

Fibocom NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1 cellular wireless communication modules, can complete remote operations such as stable and real-time collection of data on smart meters, instrument status monitoring, and issue control commands after being incorporated into water, gas, heat, and electricity meters. The instrument data and status information collected can then be analyzed and processed in a timely manner, for more targeted and scientific dynamic management. Management efficiency and service levels of smart water services will also be improved.

Low power consumption, long service life

NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1 wireless modules feature low power consumption and long life cycles compared to 2G and LTE Cat 4 modules. They solve the problem of high power consumption for meters with high waterproofing, leak-proofing or reliability requirements. No external power supply is required, which means lower costs. The smart meters built in with Fibocom NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1 wireless cellular modules can be powered by batteries that have a long service life of 6-10 years, reducing maintenance costs and management difficulties caused by frequent replacement.

Wireless connection, optimized costs

The data transmission layer works through wireless cellular technology, which reduces the construction cost of wiring and networking, shortens the construction cycle, and greatly improves efficiency. The reuse of existing cellular networks ensures faster deployment and lower costs.

Safe and reliable communication data, fewer errors

A smart water meter that uses cellular wireless modules for data transmission is free from high interference, unstable data transmission, and hidden security risks caused by using unlicensed spectrum to establish ad hoc networks.

Wide and deep coverage, strong signal

Smart water/ gas meters supported by NB-IoT modules can reach a deep coverage of 20dB+ gain, which can penetrate one more wall compared with 2G. For smart meters with high requirements for speed and delay, Cat 1 modules offer many advantages such as faster transmission, lower delay, low power consumption, and broad coverage. Thus, users can access usage and costs in real time, address abnormalities in a timely manner, reduce hidden dangers, and ensure their safety. Metering management staff can also monitor, analyze and use cloud data in real time via icons and screens.

Global unified communication protocols, smart connectivity

The use of small wireless modules for data transmission makes it difficult to build one single network that integrates a large number of smart water meters. Since the smart water meters produced by different suppliers use different communication methods, water companies using a large number of smart water meters have to spend a lot in terms of human, material and financial resources, on connecting the smart meters. Fibocom NB-IoT and LTE Cat 1 cellular wireless communication modules allow smart meters to comply with global unified wireless communication protocols, so that they can be seamlessly connected to other objects. In this way, the Internet of All Things can truly be realised.

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