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ACPC – A Big Step Forward for Mobility

The Always Connected PC (ACPC) began hitting the market a few years ago and is continuing to change the online experience by eliminating the need for wired connections and public Wi-Fi. Capacitating laptops to connect to 5G/LTE cellular network ensures laptop users are never without Internet and always ready to go with high-speed wireless connections no matter where they are, making it especially ideal for highly mobile people such as professionals on the go, remote workers, freelancers, students and field workers. With the ability to access to the high-speed cellular network, users now can say goodbye to expensive hotel, airport and conference center network assess and super slow public Wi-Fi hotspots that shared by many users.

Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has seen a major trend of rising in the demand for cloud office and online education, with which we see a prospective ACPC market growing.

Fibocom ACPC wireless communication solutions

Fibocom has occupied a dominant position in the market of ACPC. For a long time, Fibocom offers high-quality 5G/LTE modules for laptops to enable reliable & high-speed connectivity and maintain strong relationships with the world’s top ACPC manufacturers.

With 5G/LTE cellular modules built into the laptops, ACPC guarantees tremendous benefits to highly mobile laptop users by keeping them online with fast, reliable and constant cellular network access, allowing laptop users to work wherever they wish.

Always Connected!

As an Always-Connected PC (ACPC) uses its own 5G/LTE cellular data, it means people can work, surf the web and stay connected with people wherever they need Internet access, just like a smartphone. This allows people to always enjoy the larger display screen and the full power of Windows 10 features anywhere with ultraportable laptop devices, eliminating the need to read reduced-size documents or scroll through mobile versions of websites.

Lightning-Fast Connections

Many people will question the network speed and stability of ACPC. But in fact, embedded with 5G/LTE modules designed for laptops, these ACPCs can guarantee amazingly high speed that fully satisfies people’s work and entertainment needs. Laptop users no longer need to rely on unstable and slow public Wi-Fi and share network bandwidth with many other Wi-Fi users who using the same public Wi-Fi hotspot. ACPC promises to provide exclusive lightning-fast network access whether they are in buses, parks, hotels, airports or other public zones where network access is restricted.

Secure, Private and Exclusive

CPC, with exclusive network access, risks fewer security challenges compared with traditional laptops. Using private cellular networks offered directly by operators, ACPC excludes the network attacks from unencrypted, easily hackable public Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing laptop users to protect personal data and enjoy the same level of security as being attached to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Location Aware

With GNSS features empowered by 5G/LTE modules, apps and webs for laptops now can support geographical or location-based services for users. Navigation features in map applications will be able to use precise and accurate location data to instruct turns and directions. Websites now can automatically read geographical information to support location-based services such as online orders, location-targeted advertising or other forms of location-targeted online activities.

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