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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the Fibocom website service ("service") provided by Fibocom Wireless Inc. ("Fibocom" or "we"). This policy helps you to fully understand what data we collect, why we collect it and how we protect it when you use our service.

Your trust is important to us and we know how important personal information is to you. We will collect your personal information to the extent that it is reasonable and necessary to do so in accordance with laws and regulations. We endeavor to protect your information from disclosure, destruction or loss through reasonable and effective information security technology and management processes and appropriate security measures.

Please read and thoroughly understand this policy, especially the bolded terms, before using our service. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you are aware of the functionality provided and the necessary personal information required for that functionality to operate, and authorize us to collect and use that personal information. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us as set forth in Section 6. If you are a minor under the age of 18, please read this Policy with a legal guardian and pay special attention to the following Terms of Use Minors.

The Privacy Policy contains the following:

  1. How we collect and use your information
  2. How we store and share your personal information
  3. The security of your personal information
  4. How we protect the information of minors
  5. Your rights
  6. How you can contact us
  7. Changes

1. How we use your personal information

This section details the types of personal information we collect from you and why we collect it.
When you submit an enquiry to us, in order to be able to contact you and deal with your enquiry, we will collect your information to the minimum extent required by law and will not use it for other service, as detailed below:

Personal Information(Information you provide to us)


Cell Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Company Name
Position Information
Keeping in touch with your business and improving the quality of our service

2. How we store and share your personal information

Your personal information is processed on our servers located in the People's Republic of China. Our web operations and technical teams are located in the People's Republic of China. We will take strict security measures to protect your rights in strict accordance with laws and regulations, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We will only share your personal information when it is appropriate, lawful, necessary, and under certain circumstances. Such circumstances include:

2.1 Share that you actively choose or request: With your explicit consent or at your request, we will share your personal information within the scope of your consent/request with specific third parties designated by you.

2.2. Share with our affiliates: in order to provide you with better services or protect the personal and property safety of Fibocom's affiliates, other users, or the public from infringement, your information may be shared among Fibocom's affiliates. We will only share your personal information among our affiliates for specific, explicit, and legal purposes stated in this Policy, and will only share the information necessary to provide the services. However, for the information shared with the affiliates, we will require the affiliates to take protective measures no less than the effect of this policy and strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements. If the affiliates want to change the purpose of processing personal information, they need to request your authorization and consent again.

2.3 Law enforcement agencies, public bodies, or other judicial bodies and organizations. We will disclose the information if we are required by law or if we believe in good faith that the disclosure is reasonable and necessary to address the following:

2.3.1 To enforce our Terms and Conditions and other agreements, including to investigate any possible violations of these documents;

2.3.2 To detect, prevent or otherwise address security, fraud or technical problems; 

2.3.3 To protect the rights, property or safety of us, our users, third parties or the public where required or permitted by law (exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction).

2.4 Third parties who acquire us or our business in whole or in part. We may also disclose your personal information to third parties if any of the following circumstances arise

2.4.1 We sell, transfer, merge, consolidate or reorganize any part of our business or merge with, acquire any other business or form a joint venture with any other business, then we may disclose your data to any new owner or other third party involved in the change of our business; or

2.4.2 We sell or transfer any of our assets, then the information we hold about you may be sold as part of those assets and may be transferred to any new owner or other third party involved in such sale or transfer.

3. Security of personal information

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of your personal information wherever it is stored. Our Information Security and Access Policy restricts access to our systems and technology, and we protect data through the use of technical safeguards such as encryption.

Unfortunately, although we have implemented and maintain reasonable measures to protect your personal information, the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure. In the event of a security incident, such as the leakage of personal information, we will activate our emergency response plan to stop the security incident from expanding and inform you of it in the form of a push notification or announcement.

4. How we protect minors' information

Our service is primarily intended for adults. However, for children who use our service, we have taken additional procedures and measures to ensure the security of children's personal data. We consider minors under the age of 18 (or the age specified by local law) to be children. When collecting Personal Data from children with parental consent, we will only use or disclose to the public the information we lawfully collect from minors as permitted by law, with the express consent of the parent or legal guardian, or as necessary for the protection of the minor. Minors. If we become aware that we have collected Personal Information from a child without prior and verifiable guardian consent, we will attempt to remove the content as quickly as possible.

5. Your rights

You have the relevant statutory rights (to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations) in relation to your personal information held by us. Specifically, you can operate on your account information (e.g. profile information editing, password change, etc.). In addition, for personal information generated in the course of your use of our services, if you need it, you can contact us in the manner provided in Article 6.

6. How you can contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, or if you have any requests you would like to discuss with us, please contact us by one of the following methods and we will endeavor to deal with your request as quickly as possible.

Email: 【】

7. Changes

If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the updated Privacy Policy here. Please visit this page periodically to see if there are any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy.

Service Agreement

I. Important Notice

Before using Fibocom 's official website ( provided by Fibocom Wireless Inc., please make sure you read and fully understand the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, especially the content marked in bold. The Privacy Policy forms an integral part of this Agreement. Unless you have fully read, fully understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you have no right to use the service of Fibocom. By clicking "Agree" and completing the registration, or by using the service of Fibocom, or by any other express or implied acceptance of this Agreement, you are deemed to have read and agreed to sign this Agreement. This Agreement shall have legal effect between you and Fibocom and become a legal document binding on both parties.

When you use the service, you shall comply with the guidelines and rules relating to that service, which shall form part of this Service Agreement. If you are a minor, please read this Service Agreement carefully with your legal guardian and use our service or provide information to us only with the consent of your legal guardian. This website may contain forward-looking statements that are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties. Fibocom cannot guarantee that it will update these forward-looking statements on an ongoing basis. Such forward-looking statements reflect the views of Fibocom in its current state with respect to future events and do not constitute a guarantee of future business performance. Except as permitted by applicable laws and regulations or with the consent of Fibocom, the information on the Fibocom website and any part thereof may not be redacted, reproduced, copied, duplicated, or used for any commercial purpose not permitted by Fibocom. If we determine that your behavior is illegal or detrimental to the legitimate interests of our website and our company, we reserve the right to refuse to provide service, freeze or delete your account, or take other lawful measures.

II. Protection of Personal Information

Protection of personal information is a fundamental principle that we adhere to. In accordance with laws and regulations, Fibocom will take security measures to protect the security of your user information under control. In the process of using our service, we may collect and use your personal information based on the service you need. If you are an individual user, Fibocom will collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy corresponding to the service. If you are a corporate user, you undertake to have established a data and privacy security compliance system and to comply with applicable national and regional data privacy laws and regulations.

You shall be fully responsible for any violation of applicable data privacy laws and regulations, and you shall refrain from causing Fibocom to violate laws and regulations or to be involved in political and public events as a result of the use of the Service, or Fibocom shall have the right to suspend or terminate the Service to you.

III. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The domain names, trademarks, trade names, information, text, graphics, images, sounds, links, software, and all other content contained on the Fibocom website are provided by Fibocom, its content providers, and third-party licensors. The intellectual property rights of the aforementioned contents are owned by Fibocom, its content providers, and third-party licensors, as the case may be. Except as otherwise provided by law or as otherwise agreed by the parties, no one may reproduce, display, modify, transfer, distribute, republish, download, post, or transmit in any form and by any means the content of the aforementioned intellectual property rights on the website of Fibocom without the prior permission of Fibocom and/or other right holders. No unit or individual may use, copy, modify, transmit, or bundle with other products any part of the trademarks, trade names, or logos of the official website of Fibocom in any way or for any reason without the prior permission of Fibocom or the trademark right holder.

IV. Disclaimer

You understand and agree that this service is provided only in its current condition and that Fibocom expressly disclaims all warranties or guarantees, express or implied, with respect to this service, including, but not limited to, warranties or guarantees of commercial use, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of the rights of others. Although we will continue to improve the quality of our service, due to various objective or technical reasons, this service may have limitations, therefore, the functions and service provided by this service are for your reference only. You shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes, policies, administrative orders, and public order and morals (collectively, the "Laws and Regulations") when using the Service. If you choose to use service outside of mainland China, you should ensure that you comply with the laws, regulations, policies, and other requirements of mainland China, and that your qualifications, abilities, and usage behavior comply with the requirements of local laws, regulations, policies, and other requirements.

If any of the following situations occur, the website will not be liable for your direct or indirect losses.

1. Business interruption.

2. Unable to log in to the website, or delayed or interrupted access to the website.

3. Inability to transmit, incorrect transmission, destruction, loss, or other modification of data.

4. Loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of handling links to other websites on the website or the existence of links to other websites on the website.

5. Computer viruses, system malfunction, or disorder that may arise from the use of the website (including links to or from third-party websites).

6. Losses caused by force majeure or other reasons beyond the reasonable control of Fibocom.

V. Change, interruption, or termination of service

Due to system maintenance or upgrade which will necessarily cause suspend of the network service, the official website of Fibocom will give prior notice as soon as possible. If one of the following circumstances occurs, the website has the right to interrupt or terminate the network service without notifying you and refuse you to use all or any part of the service provided by the website now or in the future:

1. You provide any wrong, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, or the website has reason to suspect that the aforementioned information is wrong, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading;

2. The website has reason to suspect that the aforementioned information is wrong, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading;

3. You violate the rules of use stipulated in this legal statement or the relevant use agreement. In addition to the above-mentioned circumstances, the official website of Fibocom also reserves the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the network service at any time without prior notice to you. Fibocom shall not be liable to you or any third party for any loss caused by the interruption or termination of all service unless otherwise provided by law or agreed by both parties.

Ⅵ. Modification of Terms and Conditions

Fibocom reserves the right to modify, add or delete any content of this legal statement at any time at its own discretion. Each time you access or use the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in effect at that time.

Ⅶ. Application of Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the formulation, implementation, and interpretation of this legal statement and the settlement of disputes. In the event that the parties fail to negotiate on any dispute arising from the use of the website, you agree to submit disputes or controversies to the jurisdiction of the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where this Agreement is signed (Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China).

Terms of Use

Legal Statement of Fibocom Website Service


Fibocom Wireless Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Fibocom”) reminds you that:

The following rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) apply to all users or browsers visiting this website, and Fibocom and/or its affiliates reserve the right to amend these rules from time to time. Please carefully read and understand the terms in this Legal Notice before using the Fibocom Website services. If you do not agree this Notice or any part thereof, please stop using the Fibocom Website services immediately. If you use any Fibocom Website service, it means that you accept all the terms of this notice.


Fibocom refers to the single or collective designation of the operators of the Fibocom Website, which includes but is not limited to Fibocom Wireless Inc. and its subsidiaries, branches and affiliates related to this notice.

All persons entering and using the Fibocom Website shall comply with the terms herein and all the Laws and Regulations of People's Republic of China and the country or region where you are located. For any violation of these rules, Fibocom shall have the right to pursue legal and fair remedies.

All Rights Reserved

Unless otherwise stated by Fibocom, all rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and trade secrets, and other relevant rights) of all products, software, programs, technologies, data and other information (including but not limited to words, images, photos, pictures, videos, audio, charts, layouts, and electronic documents) on the Fibocom Website belong to Fibocom, its affiliates or its licensors.

Contents of this Website are protected by copyright laws and other laws of the People’s Republic of China and the countries you located. You may browse, copy, print and disseminate the contents of this website according to the law for non-commercial purpose, but you must maintain the integrity of all copyrights and other proprietary marks. Any content copied from the website must include Fibocom’s copyright logo.

Website Contents
Fibocom will do its best to provide accurate materials and information on the Website, including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, ideas, suggestions or links. However, Fibocom does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of such materials and contents, and expressly represents that it bears no liability for any error or omission of such materials and contents. In addition, Fibocom makes no guarantee, express or implied, regarding such materials and contents, including but not limited to guarantee of ownership, non-infringement against any third-party rights, quality guarantees, or guarantees that they are free of malware. Fibocom bears no liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses, or profit losses, even if Fibocom has been informed of the possibility of such losses.

Fibocom may modify the contents of the website at any time without any notice or prompt, so please visit this website regularly to get the latest information. Any mention of non-Fibocom products or services by Fibocom on the Website is only for providing related information, and does not constitute the approval or recommendation of such products or services, does not constitute an offer to sell or provide such products or services, does not mean that such products or services are available in all countries, and that the name, contents or specifications of such products or services are identical with the descriptions on the Website. With respect to the detailed consultation on whether certain products or services are available or applicable, please contact local affiliates or distributors of Fibocom. Fibocom makes no representation, warranty or approval for any product, service or information provided on the website, and all products and services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Fibocom’s sales contract.

All source codes, software in binary form, sample codes, related documents and other materials (collectively, “Software”), including their applicable intellectual property rights, shall belong to Fibocom or its licensors. The terms of use do not grant any license to the Software in any form, and you shall neither reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, dismantle, adapt, embed or conduct other derivative operations to the Software, nor in any way investigate the internal implementation of Fibocom products, obtain source codes of the products, steal intellectual property rights, or disclose any results of the Software performance tests.

Use of the Website You agree to abide by the national laws and regulations, and the public morals of the society when using this website and its contents. You shall not make, consult, copy or disseminate this website or its contents to engage in any illegal activities that infringe other persons’ interests and rights, disrupt social order and undermine the social stability, nor shall you use this website or its contents to engage in any activities that endanger or attempt to endanger computer systems or network security.

You shall not use the Website and/or any of its contents for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited by these terms of use, and shall not use the Website and/or any of its content for any illegal purpose, or instigate any illegal activities or other activities that infringe upon the rights of Fibocom or others.

You shall not illegally or without authorization access this Website and any part of it, or accept any service provided through this Website, or connect to any other system or network connected to the Fibocom server.

You agree not to take any action that would cause unreasonable or disproportionately high loads on the Website and its related structures, systems and networks.

You shall neither scan or otherwise test the Website and/or its networks for loopholes, nor damage the security or identity verification measures adopted by the website and its services. You shall neither reverse search, track or attempt to track any information about any other users or visitors of Fibocom and this Website, nor in any way abuse or disclose any service or information of the Website.

You shall not in any way (including but not limited to using any device, software or program) disturb or attempt to disturb the normal operation of this Website and the normal use of this Website by others.

You shall neither obtain or attempt to obtain any content of this Website in a way not provided by this Website, nor use any automatic or manual procedure, crawlers, program, algorithm or method to visit, obtain, copy or monitor any component or content of this Website.

Third-party Links

This Website may provide or retain the hyperlinks or pointers to several third-party websites. Such hyperlinks or pointers are only provided for convenience, and do not represent approval or recommendation of such information by Fibocom, do not mean that Fibocom is associated with these third parties, or that they are used for promotional or advertising purposes. The contents in any of the linked Website are not under the control of Fibocom and you shall not use such contents as basis for any specific purpose; if you decide to visit such Website, you shall bear the risks and responsibilities by yourself.


All trademarks and logos used or displayed on this Website shall belong to Fibocom or its licensors. Without prior written permission, no person shall in any way use the name, trademarks and logos of Fibocom. Any content contained on this Website should not be regarded as granting permission or the right to use any of the aforementioned trademarks, logos in an implied, non-objective or other manner without the written permission of Fibocom or other parties.


All materials or contents carried on this Website are protected by copyright laws, and all copyrights are owned by Fibocom or its licensors, except for the contents referenced from other parties as indicated. Without the prior written permission of Fibocom and other parties, no person shall in any way copy, modify, disseminate, distribute, pirate, display, dismantle, reverse engineer or decompile any content contained on this Website nor shall they connect or transmit such content using hyperlinks, load such content on other servers by “mirroring”, store such content in any information retrieval system, or use the content for any other purposes.

Products or Services Provided

Subject to the international or borderless nature of the internet, the information provided on this Website is also international and may include references to the products or services that are not launched in your country/region. Therefore, not all products or services mentioned in this website are available in your country or region. Please contact the local sales representative or distributor for details of the products or services available in your country or region.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Fibocom shall neither be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages of any kind, nor for any loss of profits, revenues, data or data use. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Fibocom shall not be liable for any materials on this website or for any opinions or product information published by users themselves, regardless of the cause of such liability or the theory of tort liability it is based on.

Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution

You agree and acknowledge that all matters relating to your visiting or using this Website shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (except for applicable laws of the regions of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), and the competent court in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China shall have relevant jurisdiction.

Integrity Policy

Fibocom is dedicated to integrity and honesty. We require our employees to comply with laws, regulations, and professional ethics. We also encourage our partners to report any irregularities or violations encountered during daily cooperation.Fibocom guarantees the confidentiality of whistleblowers and the information they report.

Reporting & Complaint:

Phone or WeChat: 13728777150


Address: Audit Department, 11th Floor, Building A, Building 6, Shenzhen International Innovation Valley, Dashiyi Road, Xili Community, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

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