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Fibocom Empowers the Great Diversity of the 5G FWA Ecosystem at Broadband World Forum 2023

Fibocom Empowers the Great Diversity of the 5G FWAEcosystem at Broadband World Forum 2023

Paris, France – October 24th, 2023 -Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, took center stage at BBWF 2023 with its up-to-date showcase. Located at Booth #G8 in the Porte De Versailles from October 24th to October 26th, 2023. Fibocom illuminates the full empowerment of the FWA ecosystem by demonstrating a series of 5G FWA dedicated modules and solutions, together with multiple FWA devices.

Fostering the 5G FWA Connectivity through Fibocom’s Dedicated Modules and Solutions

As one of the enablers in 5G adoption, 5G FWA technology has harnessed 5G networks to deliver high-speed internet services to households and businesses. The growing proliferation of the IoT and smart home devices also amplifies the demand for high-speed broadband connectivity, further propelling 5G FWA solution providers to continuously innovate for these surging needs. Fibocom, as a pioneer in IoT commercialization, has always been steadfastly attuned to the ever-evolving technological landscape and kept advancing connectivity solutions for the 5G FWA market. The complete range of modules and solutions has been presented at this significant broadband connectivity event as well as various success cases.

Designed to deliver outstanding cellular performance for 5G FWA applications, Fibocom presented modules includingFG160/FM160、FG170、FG180、FG190、FG360、FG370. All of those modules enable most typical FWA applications like CPE, ODU, and Mobile Hot Spot ensuring a plug-and-play FWA experience featured with fast and stable connections and powerful edge-computing capability. Both modules and devices are presented in a home-look stand at Fibocom’s booth.

In addition, several FWA-dedicated solutions integrated with Fibocom’s latest 5G modules like FG180, FG190, and FG370 are also demonstrated. Again, those solutions address the majority of common FWA applications and refine the 5G experience to a new level.

Empower the Great Diversity of the 5G FWA Ecosystem with All Industrial Partners

Through several highly interactive activities at this annual gathering of broadband connectivity, Fibocom also poses an invitation to all partners to empower the great diversity of the 5G FWA ecosystem.

For a one-in-kind event experience, Fibocom’s stand features a visualized 5G experience of the cellular plus Wi-Fi integrated FWAsolutions for all visitors for the very first time, which indicates the capability for swift product integration. Furthermore, Fibocom experts present the latest industry sharing and cutting-edge FWA solutions on-site daily, where partners could dive into any discussions on new products and market insights.

The excitement continues in Paris, feel free to join Fibocom at Booth #G8 and let us be part of witnessing the future of connectivity!

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