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Fibocom Fuels 5G-Advanced Capabilities to 5G Module FG370-NA, Piloting Superior 5G FWA Experience at Computex 2024

The quality of service (QoS) is gaining momentum as 5G evolves to a stronger second half of its technology cycle. In an effort to empower exceptional 5G FWA experience worldwide, Fibocom is continually enabling innovative capabilities such as enhanced MIMO technology, and optimized spectrum utilization to FG370-NA.

Taipei, Taiwan – June 6th 2024 – Fibocom (Stock code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, addresses a combo of advanced 5G features on FG370-NA to deliver superior 5G FWA experience for home, enterprise, and industrial scenarios. Developed from MediaTek’s T830 chipset, the high integration FG370-NA is utilized to unleash the full capacity of 5G data transmission, ensuring optimal performance in all 5G connection scenarios as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Enabling 3Tx (Transmit Antennas) and 8Rx (Receive Antennas) Arrays for FG370-NA

Designed to meet the demand for mobile broadband scenarios, the 5G Sub-6GHz module FG370-NA operates on both 5G SA and NSA network architecture, supports 4CC CA with up to 300MHz bandwidth on the downlink, furthermore, by applying 8Rx(Receive Antennas) to the receiver array, coped with the SRS (Sounding Reference Signal) deployed in the UE (User Equipment) such as 5G CPE to take full advantages of the four highest qualified uplink channels thus achieving the improvement of the downlink speed of up to 7.1Gbps and the reduction of signal interference. However, when it comes to the uplink, especially for the livestreaming, and video conferencing scenarios, the efficient multipath transmitting array is crucial for channel capacity utilization and uplink improvement. FG370-NA supports 3Tx (Transmit Antennas) by enabling the aggregation of TDD and FDD on the uplink simultaneously, resulting 68% throughput increase in contrast to 2Tx, which is sufficient to provide uplink speed of up to 2.5Gps. Both innovations unleash the potential of FG370-NA to deliver lightning speed to complex indoor and outdoor scenarios.

“As we are stepping into an efficient-oriented, AI-driven second half of the 5G era, we are proud to launch a combo of elevated 5G FWA solutions, powered by MediaTek, including the FG370-NA module during Computex 2024. This advanced solution featuring enhanced MIMO technology and optimized spectrum utilization, sets a new benchmark in delivering superior 5G FWA experiences,said Simon Tao, VP of MBB Product Management Dept., Head of MBB BU at Fibocom. “With Fibocom’s advanced FG370-NA and industry know-how in the 5G FWA market, we are confident to ensure unparalleled QoS and reliability in the 5G era.”

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