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Fibocom FWA-dedicated 5G Module FG370 be the First to Receive CE Certification Based on MediaTek’s T830

Fibocom announces that its FWA-dedicated 5G module based on MediaTek T830 Platform FG370 has passed CE test and receive CE Certification after it is first launched in October 2022, which marks a significant achievement for the module to march into the global FWA market.

Shenzhen, China – November 30th, 2022 -Fibocom Wireless Inc., a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, announces major product updates of its FWA-dedicated 5G module FG370, successfully received CE Certification after the first launched in October during Broadband World Forum 2022. Up-to-date, FG370 is fully capable of providing powerful connectivity service to FWA customers worldwide. 

Compliant with 3GPP Release 16 (R16) standard, Fibocom FG370 based on MediaTek’s T830 chipset platform is designed to empower the 5G FWA market worldwide. Integrated with a powerful quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 CPU, FG370 supports 4CC CA (Carrier Aggregation) and up to 300MHz of spectrum, which improves the utilization of spectrum resources and ensures an extended 5G coverage. With the significant progress certified by CE, it is now available to offer seamless connectivity to CPE, MiFi, UFi, Dongle, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the 5G Sub-6GHz module FG370 supports 8RX (Receive Antennas) and Power Class 1.5 (PC1.5) High Power User Equipment (HPUE), significantly improving data transmission performance up to 7.01Gbps on the downlink and 2.5Gbps on the uplink. With the enhancements, FG370 is featuring to offer three combinations for FWA application scenarios, unleashing the extreme wireless experience and consistent low latency.

  • 5G Cellular + Tri-band 4×4 Wi-Fi 7 (BE19000) for 5G IDU Solution

  • 5G Cellular + Dual-band 2×2 Wi-Fi 7 (BE6500) for 5G ODU Solution

  • 5G Cellular + Ethernet 10Gbps for Wired Solution

“MediaTek T830 brings the best of 5G and Wi-Fi 7 technologies into homes and enterprises, giving them extreme speeds with the freedom of an untethered device,” said Martin Lin, Deputy General Manager of the Wireless Communications Business Unit at MediaTek. “Fibocom continues to be our alpha partner with its new FG370 module series, which we anticipate will begin to enter new devices from tier-1 partners worldwide in 2023.”

“We are delighted to announce the breakthrough on CE test in such a short time after FG370’s first launch in October,” said Simon Tao, General Manager of MBB Product Management Dept., Fibocom. “The recent progress we achieved will furtherly accelerate the deployment of FG370 into the projects. By working closely with MediaTek, we believe that the FG370 FWA-dedicated 5G module solution based on MediaTek’s T830 is expected to achieve great success in the global FWA market.”

The engineering sample of FG370 is now ready for international shipping.

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