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Fibocom 5G Sub-6GHz and mmWave Module FG190W-NA Awarded as IoT Evolution Product of the Year 2024

Shenzhen, China – July 12th 2024 – Fibocom (Stock code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, is thrilled to receive the 2024 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award with the exceptional innovation and unparalleled performance of its 5G Sub-6GHz and mmWave module FG190W-NA. The award is recognized by IoT Evolution World, the leading media platform covering IoT technologies, and honors the best and most innovative products and solutions powering the Internet of Things.

In the path of bridging the digital divide and propelling 5G commercialization, 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) and the convergence between AI and communication technologies are the crucial elements to its success. Fibocom provides a comprehensive wireless solution to 5G FWA device manufacturers based on the FG190W-NA, by leveraging 8RX in FDD and PC 1.5, the module enhances the data transmission on the downlink to reach up to 10Gbps, furthermore, the configuration with the latest Wi-Fi 7 is flexible for both CPE and mobile hot spot terminals, allowing device manufacturers to provide the superior experience and reliable connectivity to consumer, enterprise and industrial customers. It is worth mentioning that FG190W-NA also supports the OpenWRT based on the Linux RDK-B to allow customization on the device level and reduce the time to market.

“The FG190W-NA is a cutting-edge 5G module that supports Sub-6 GHz and mmWave dual-connectivity, unleashing the peak performance of 5G with up to 10 Gigabit downlink speed, satisfying the mission-critical and data-intensive application scenarios,” said Simon Tao, VP of MBB Product Management Dept., Head of MBB BU at Fibocom. “We are honored to receive the IoT Evolution Product of the Year award with the excellent performance that FG190W-NA delivered in industries such as 5G FWA, IIoT, drones, etc., and we are confident to accomplish more successful use cases with this industry-leading product.”

“The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Product of Year Award reflect the diverse range of innovation driving the multi-billion dollar IoT market today. It is my honor to congratulate Fibocom for their innovative work and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving IoT industry,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, a co-publisher of IoT Evolution.

Know more about the FG190W-GL via link: FG190W-GL
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