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Fibocom Launches the Industry-first SC151-GL at MWC Shanghai 2023, Accelerating the Global 5G AIoT Commercialization with One Highly Integrated Smart Module

During MWC Shanghai 2023, Fibocom announces the launch of its 5G smart module SC151-GL empowered by the Qualcomm® QCM4490 Processor. The global version of SC151-GL aims to provide a "one unit fits for world" solution for 5G AIoT markets, and enables the access of mobile smart terminals to the 5G service anywhere, anytime.

Shanghai, China – June 30th 2023 - Fibocom, a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, announces the availability of SC151-GL at MWC Shanghai 2023. Based on the Qualcomm® QCM4490 Processor, Fibocom SC151-GL is the industry-first 5G smart module that supports mainstream frequency bands under 5G network architecture worldwide, which is crucial for customers that require global roaming on their devices to deploy the smart wireless solution faster, more efficient compared to the regional versions.

Fibocom SC151-GL provides a comprehensive smart wireless solution empowered by the Qualcomm® QCM4490 Processor. Compliant with 3GPP Release 16, the module is capable of offering Gigabit 5G experience, in addition to the support of Wi-Fi 6/6E, allowing the connections of multiple end devices simultaneously as well as the high-capacity of data throughput, these features can significantly improve the uplink performance, especially for the latency-sensitive scenarios like warehouse management and manufacturing detection. In terms of network utilization, the SC151-GL is also backward compatible with 4G/3G bands in addition to the compatability of 5G SA/NSA and EN-DC. It is worth highlighting that the module delivers a power-efficient solution for end devices enabled by the added-value TWT (Target Wake Time).

The convergence of AI and IoT is inevitable in the fast-growing digital transformation, and 5G is the key accelerator to implement the migration in 5G AIoT era. Fibocom SC151-GL is a "one unit fits for world" smart wireless solution for customers from the industrial handheld, industrial tablet, point-of-sale devices, body-worn cameras, PoC (push to talk over cellular) industries to minimize the R&D cycle and reduce hardware investments in the early stage of global deployment. Equipped with a set of rich interfaces including MIPI/ USB/ UART/ SPI/ I2C, etc., the module is scalable to meet the demands of various AIoT applications, and the support from software is fully capable of future upgrades to Android 18.

"The booming market of 5G has driven more and more IoT devices to evolve from 4G to 5G, especially for the smart devices such as industrial handheld terminals or tablets that require seamless roaming to satisfy the processing speed of edge computing," said Eden Chen, General Manager of MC Product Management Center, Fibocom. "We are confident to say that the launch of SC151-GL, the industry-first 5G smart module that integrates the capability to support global frequency bands in one unit will help our customers to lead the 5G transformation and digitalization more efficiently."

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