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Fibocom Showcased Cutting-Edge 5G FWA Solutions at Broadband World Forum 2022

Fibocom showcased its 5G innovations at Broadband World Forum 2022 from Oct. 18th to 20th in RAI Amsterdam, demonstrated the latest 5G module product portfolio as well as FWA and AIoT applications. During the trade show, Fibocom collaborated with MediaTek to unveil the FWA-dedicated 5G module FG370 based on MediaTek T830 chipset platform.

Amsterdam, Netherland-October 20th, 2022 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, has showcased its wireless communication module solutions for FWA and 5G AIoT applications at Broadband World Forum 2022, which is the biggest gathering for the broadband industry experts, held from October 18th to 20th in RAI Amsterdam.

Cutting-edge 5G Module FG370 to Provide Enhanced Wireless Connectivity for FWA

To solve the “last-mile connectivity”, FWA devices play an important role in bringing the broadband connectivity to home, enterprise users. And with the empowerment of wireless modules, FWA devices aim to offer reliable, flexible network connectivity for multiple end users in need.

During the event, Fibocom collaborated with MediaTek to announce the launch of new generation 5G module FG370, designed to offer enhanced uplink and downlink speeds, low latency and ultra-reliable network connectivity for FWA applications. It is worth mentioning that with its superior performance in supporting 4CC CA (Carrier Aggregation) up to 300MHz, Power Class 1.5 (HPUE) and 8RX (Receiver Antenna), the maximum downlink speed reaches 7.01Gbps.

Diversified FWA Devices Embedded with Fiboocm 5G Modules
Beyond the wireless modules products, Fibocom also demonstrated its customized services for global FWA deployments.
· Embedded with Fibocom FG360 5G module, the 5G Wi-Fi gateway packs Wi-Fi 6 technology into a sleek design, which can provide reliable connections for more users on more devices. FG360 is also integrated in the 5G CPE, supporting 5G Sub-6/ LTE-A/ LTE connectivity for IoT services over fixed wireless broadband access.
· 5G ODU, adopting Fibocom FG160, is a high-quality solution designed for remote areas to meet the non-stop internet connection demand.
· 5G Wi-Fi hotspot, embedded with 5G module FG160 that supports OpenCPU, enabling 160MHz bandwidth, 4096 QAM as well as Wi-Fi 6E.